Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanks and Praise (Part 1)

“Your description of persistence… is like the PERFECT example of the kind of persistence (and frame control) that works versus the kind that is too aggressive or needy. Thank you for sharing this in such a thoroughly descriptive way, much respect goes your way.” --Formhandle

“GoneSavage, some of the stuff I'm getting from your field reports is massively helping my game…. You effectively draw the girl into feeling this strong connection between the two of you.” --FrankM

“I love your style of game. It gives you even more satisfaction that you had an emotional connection.” --Mirx

“Your life is like a soap opera… can’t wait till next episode” --El Magico

“When GoneSavage approaches a girl, he truly wants to meet that girl because he genuinely admires her…. When he tells a girl that she had a really great vibe about her, and he had to come meet her, it’s a 100% honest statement. Approaching girls, complementing them, and conversing with them, in a totally honest, genuine, and sincere way is… powerful.” --EffigyC

“FUCKING Awesome! My eyes light up every time I see a post by GoneSavage… I can't believe you pull this shit off so well! You are FUCKING awesome! And a great inspiration to me!” --ChicksRock

“SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE. You fucking rock man…. You are the ultimate PUA. I mean being homeless…and sex don’t mix...in my socially condition brain...fuck, that is mind blowing!” --OX

“You have MADLY improved in such little time! GS you are inspirational.” --Cantactus

"GoneSavage, you epitomize the goals, passions, and style that pick-up is all about. Kudos.” --PhoenixPUA

“Wow! Another great post... I really love reading your posts.,,, Any plans to come to Australia? Looking forward to the next installment of your adventure...” --Slackass

“You’re like a poet-PUA. Insane style, gotta love it!” –Clint E

“One thing I've noticed is that you have a very natural and free-flowing way of communicating. A lot of guys can learn a lot by modeling your views on life, and see what an artform this is…” --Spitfire

You have DISCIPLINE and INTENT up the fuckin ass! …. Combine that with a STRONG DESIRE TO GET LAID and you are putting shit up on the scoreboard like BOOM BOOM BOOM. That's the true lesson of GS's posts. Bravo. Brav-fucking-o. --Jlaix

“GoneSavage is…absolutely and utterly unspectacular…. No square jaw, piercing eyes, nothing. Not bad looking, or good looking. Just 'regular'….He was polite, obviously intelligent, and spoke about his experiences in exactly the same manner as he writes here. A very cool guy, it was a real pleasure meeting and talking with him…” --Hyugen

“You are unique in your delivery. You seem to play the role of a Romeo that most women dream of; this is because of your Romantic style that women seem to eat up. It’s almost a method of its own. Congrats, your work is great. Thank you for the insight.” --Jago

“I have to tell you, after reading your post, you have become one of my idols. You are Fucking Amazing… Smoooooth as hell… and a great story teller… I hope you keep posting your LRs.” –Jaydilla

“GoneSavage, what you're doing is ... just good. It's good for everyone. Please keep posting. I would love to see a methodology or any guided advice written from you. Some ideas for people who're just starting with all this.” –TheFox

“The kind of romantic talk GS describes … is not something I have seen from any poster from any style or school….I think his reports offers something genuinely new and should not be dismissed as ordinary…” --Chaco

“I am completely blown away. It sounds like your game has improved leaps and bounds; it is so congruent and natural to who you are.” --HollywoodMack

“Honestly man, your rapport game is incredible. And I can tell from your post that you are sincere and genuine. I used to share your passion and enthusiasm for pickup as an artform. More recently I’ve had the ‘wham, bam thank you m'am’ mentality where its more about hooking up than enjoying the entire process. I'd like to backtrack and regain some of my old self where I sought genuine connections and built sincere rapport, regardless of the final outcomes.” --Lowrider

“You are undeniably smooth with your day-game…. You also opened my eyes to direct PU, which I now practice as much as possible. Keep posting your reports- they are educational, entertaining and down right interesting to read. Have a safe trip.” --Aphrodisiac

“Your super cool kick ass high energy and attitude got you (another) lay! Absolutely LOVE reading your reports, they are inspirational!” –A-Star

“Nice work man. No canned routines, just being your natural player self. Quite influential.” --Defixon

“You're a true ladies' man. The hyper-romantic stuff is classic seduction and you deliver it with truly smooth style. Very enviable. Too many of us are cavemanishly aggressive and would have to do a total psychosexual/emotional/relational reboot to say some of the things you say without laughing -- 'cause we wouldn't really mean them. You DO, however, and you reap the rewards of being so calmly and sincerely interested in romancing your women and making them feel special and appreciated simply for who they are.” --Linguinator

“Thanks for posting. I have read most of your posts and find them to be amazing. All I can respond with is 'fucking inspirational.' Please keep them coming as I learn a lot every time. --Ihponsin

“I thought I'd just say that by implementing and calibrating your rapport techniques to suit my personality, I have been able to, not only better my game, but start getting better results for potential LTRs.” --Ralex

“You seem like a cool dude. Not just good at PU, but a guy I feel I'd really like to emulate….What I admire about you is that you have soul.” --Thrillseeker

“Good to meet with you in Montreal. I had been totally out of the game for months and hadn't been reading ASF. If I had read about your travels and success, I would have listened more and talked less. I've been reading your LRs and they're great - I love your style.” --Herbal

“Hey GS, I've been reading about your pick-up adventure…. Every now and again someone enters the community who just gets it, the way seduction should be. You seem to be one of those who understand what a natural artform this thing is.” --Vincent

“You are like a bird, flying with no boundaries, with no fear and soar with freedom, where most are caged birds watching you and wishing that they themselves can be like you, to fly and embrace the world, fearlessly. I feel that although people have given ideas of PU, like the body parts of PU, but none of them have given PU an overall soul…” --Felix

“Just wanted to tell you I’ve been following your reports for a month or so now and find them truly inspirational. I'm struck by your sincerity, directness and gentle persistence throughout the reports. You are a true pick-up ARTIST!” --Whirlwind