Saturday, July 02, 2005

FR: Philly D1: Brotherly & Sisterly Love

7/1. What a night. Fuck me if three girls did not just buy me drinks tonight. Asking for my phone number. And this other girl bought me an authentic Philly Cheesesteak from Jim’s and the logo shirt to match. And then that other girl wanted to buy me pizza and I turned it down because I just ate this badass cheesesteak! And everyone I talked to was so warm and receptive. Like really uncharacteristically nice. We’ve got southern hospitality and you’ve got brotherly love. I think we’re on the same wavelength here. I dig it.

You know what’s cool? When you roll into a state that you’ve never been to before and you have to cross a long-ass bridge over the tremendous Delaware River to get there. And you know you’re there because you just crossed the bridge and the river defines the state boundaries. And you’re in a new city. And that city is Philadelphia. That’s cool.

I really appreciate simple things. Like a long stretch of road with no traffic. Or rainstorms that stop right when you arrive at your destination. Or having to make an impromptu turn driving without checking a map and it turns out to be exactly where you needed to go. Or just parking and finding that you’re on a wireless network without having to drive around to find one. Or finding out there is like some huge free concert in a city that you’re going to right at the time you are going to be there.

Man, I got here right after the storm and I took this route and ended up at Penn’s Landing park. Got out to glance at the river and fuck me if there was not one hot chick sitting on a bench reading something. I say, “What are you studying?” and we end up spending four hours together talking and bonding and sharing stories and joking around.

Another Russian girl. 4th day in the city too, but this one has actually seen a bit of the US and she knows about places she hasn’t seen. She’s got a greater grasp of English and her sense of humor is kicking. She’s witty and smart and her callback ability is amazing. I’m telling her about the lighthouses and Lucy the elephant in NJ and she wants to see pictures. Yeah I can do that. So I get my computer. And I play this Russian pop music that I got from my girl in Atlantic City. And I remembered one damn word in Russian, but it was an uncommon one and she liked. Dushevnost.

Lots of caution and hesitation, but damn if I did not get her to sit in the van and look at pictures. She getting more comfortable with my touch but refused my kiss attempts. It’s really cute actually. I just stay confident and playful and curious and open to sharing. Finally her roommate shows up and they have to move something. The story is sketchy at best. And her (female) roommate drives an ice cream truck (no shit!). No phone, no car, and she’s off. I really did all I could do with escalating and building comfort. But in the end, I’m left thinking—that was pretty cool, I just showed up and she was there and we had a good time and shared laughter and stories.

Its like 10:30 and I move and I’m actually right beside a club district and I parallel park flawlessly. Little things. I check the nearest club and it’s a $10 cover. Ouch. I joke with the doorman for a minute when I reach for my ID and a condom falls out of my pocket. “You’re hopeful, huh?” Dude, you have no idea...

I’m going to head down the street and here come two girls walking toward me. I toss up my arms and say, “I just got here, I need to know where to go…for free.” I tell them about how good it feels to be in Philly. They tell me that I have to get a cheesesteak. Yes…I do! I hadn’t thought of it yet. They are trying to tell me how to get to this nightlife district called South Street. Long story short, I suggest they forgo whatever their plans were in that area, and just come with me to South Street. Fun times. Like I said, they insisted on not only buying me the sandwich, but also the T-shirt.

Lots of positive connections through the rest of the night. You know what I realized? I meet teachers, artists, and people in advertising and marketing disproportionately. These are my people.

Oh yeah, and I got damn close to scoring with this somewhat drunk lonewolf I met on the street. This girl was so fucking cute. Completely my type—tones brunette with beautiful features. Walking toward her home, I strike up a convo about the city, the vibe, the concert. She unlocks her gate and I position myself in front of it. We’re talking there for probably an hour. I’m pulling out all the stops and I show her the Cube and these kinesthetic visualization synthesis exercises. We talk about interpersonal philosophy. We kiss and kiss passionately. She pressing her body onto mine. I ask if I can have a drink of water. Trying to just get inside. Water and I’ll go. She’s subtle about letting me know, but it turns out she lives with her boyfriend and I’m making out with her right outside the room he is sleeping in. She kept saying this is bad, this is bad. It’s OK. Oh yeah, I tell her that either we can have an intense and passionate love affair behind his back giving her juicy secrets and memories to cherish forever or obviously he is not doing his job and she should pack her bag and come with me and we’ll drive to California just to touch the Hollywood sign.

Philly Day 2 (7/2)

I walked for an hour from Front Street uptown to the park where the concert was being held. Live 8 was a sea of like a million and a half people. Literally. It took at hour to work my way up to the second screen, with the actual stage still out of sight. I pulled back and worked the perimeter. Each band played only 3 songs. But it was certainly an experience. It was funny when they would throw the live feed from the other locations up on the screens, and since most the crow couldn’t see a stage anyway, people thought they were watching artist performing there in Philly. Madonna is here? U2 is here? Funny because there was really no difference. Opener for you guys that think they matter: “What is going on here? Why are all these people here? I just got to Philly and I wanted to go to the art museum and I run into THIS! Must be a really big art opening or something….” When they were like “are you serious?” I’d give them a little punch and roll my eyes for their gullibility and go into real impressions of Philly.

I spent most my time with this witty and feisty girl who had traveled a bit and we had a lot to talk about. Didn’t really get too far in the PU sense, but it was fun. Actually venue changed from this concert to a grocery store to get drinks. Had a few more positive interactions. The show (and the walking) was quite tiring. My legs are so sore.

The street PU on the way back was more likely to pan out than anything at the show. I’ve got four girls from Sweden rolling with me at one point. Then four girls from former soviet countries. Opener: “You girls look like fun. Did you see this mural over here? No? You have to see this!” I noticed they had cameras and I led them a couple blocks to this mural. One girl was really against me because she was tired and they were leaving for NYC the next day. One girl was neutral and kinda paced to crabby girl. The other two were by far the hottest and I had them both engaged. The girl from Kazakhstan was gorgeous and very much into me. I complimented her on her curiosity and her desire to learn. She lit up. She had like the most subtle Asian features—so so cute. I walked them to their hostel and this girl is asking a million questions. The plan was (and OK’ed with the crabby girl) that I would walk them back, and the two fun, not-tired girls would roll with me to the club district. Both were 21. I gave my girl my contact info. They went up and I waited about 10 minutes. Logistics were bad anyway, so I left. I hit South Street, which I thought was really cool on Friday, and tonight it was a straight-up ghetto. I kinda like that there are so many cops for crowd control and basically keeping people from loitering. I called it a night.

Day 3 gets even better. Day 4 is, well, today. It would definitely be nice to have more time and more money to spend in Philly. I’d check out the Mutter Museum and the Mummer Museum and the Mushroom Museum. (No shit, look them up.) And somewhere I passed the Museum of Underground Art. Looked intriguing. I was telling the girl I was with yesterday that these are the kinds of places I would visit with someone that I really got along with because we’d have a great time laughing and pointing out the absurdity of it all.


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