Wednesday, June 29, 2005

LR: Atlantic City: Banging a Belarusian Babe

6/29 *Everything is true except the part about the cats*

Key’s to Lay:
--assumption of attraction
--being confident, positive, flirtatious, and playful
--smiling, laughing, showing genuine curiosity
--having a relaxed and relished certainty
--pacing and leading; escalating physically
--lots of playful, as well as, intimate kino
--spontaneous conversation with situational relevance
--DHVs of intelligence and openness
--diffusing token resistance

Personal Significance:
--sort of makes up for the gorgeous girl I lost in DC who is from the same country (see GoneSavage’s Greatest Misses).
--sort of makes up for the gorgeous girl I lost in Orlando who has the same name (see GoneSavage’s Greatest Misses).
--first time pulling day-game for a same-day-lay (SDL) in front of community guys.
--best sex yet since I have ended my LTR and hit the road (seriously).
--post makes no mention of being on a roadtrip or making trips to Wal-Mart.

I’m in Atlantic City with Icedub and Droots22. We’re playing street game on the boardwalk and retail areas. We’d been discussing mostly concepts of spontaneous storytelling and situational openers. I’ve got them noticing things about girls—how they walk, what they wear, what they might be out doing and how they might be feeling—and we’re discarding three second rules and opinion openers for more intuitive and thoughtful (and relevant) approaches. Good times. Lots of laughs and insights for all. And thanks again for your generosity guys…

Actually we’re sitting in a café finishing up pizza. Droots22 notices this girl breeze past us and says, “Hey, there’s that girl you pointed at earlier.” I’m like, “It’s meant to be. Time to orchestrate fate. I’m going to catch up with her, you guys follow behind me a few paces.”

The backstory is that we were earlier in a different section of town doing approaches and getting a feel for each other’s styles. In brisk transit, heading to where we wanted to eat, I’m talking theory and I break mid-sentence to just point at this girl in passing and say, “See that girl, I could definitely have her tonight.”

Four things:
1) She was definitely my type—brunette with bright expressive eyes, full lips and nice curves. 2) I was really just talking cocky shit. 3) She certainly heard me say something as she smiled at me (or maybe—us…nah). 4) We kept moving.

So here she is again and I’m literally jogging to catch up with her. The guys are not far behind. I’m really liking her ass in this long frilly skirt—the type that seems to be popular this summer.

When I catch up to her and walk two steps ahead, I keep walking beside her and say, “Hey…I noticed you earlier and I think you noticed me. I ran to catch up with you and introduce myself…”

She stops. I stop. We shake hands. I notice her accent, but I do not ask where she is from. My MO now is to let it come up more (or less) naturally. In this case, she actually asked me where I was from first. So I’ve got another eastern European girl on my hands.

I had told the guys earlier to keep me away from eastern European girls. They are so beautiful and I love adopting a teacher frame, but it never works out. And shops in the area are full of them. Most are really really beautiful. The trouble is that they tend to be here with a work-work-work mentality. Many of them with 14-16 hour workdays from a single or two jobs. Their bosses are insecure assholes that will actually yell at them or deduct pay for talking to guys on the job. And since they have earned the permission to be here to work then go home—thoughts of adventure, excitement, and romance are not always on their minds. Many date the European guys that are here. And the living and communication situations of these girls are a logistical nightmare.

But I found the exception.

I’m walking with her and she tells me she is from Russia and she has been here four days but she had been here last summer as well. Cool. I have a lot of friends from Russia and I just met a girl from Belarus when I was in Washington. “Belarus? That is where I am from! Nobody knows it, so I tell them Russia! They think it is South America!” I say, “Cool. You’ll have to tell me some stories about life in Minsk.”

Note: Some guys like to learn a few phrases in different languages as a DHV. I have NO capacity to remember anything in a different language and my pronunciation is horrible. It’s better for me to learn the name of the capitol city or some landmark or historic fact. This note is to remind me to go study geography.

So we’ve been talking for five minutes and I say, “Have you seen the cats?” She said No and I told her a story.

What is fun about this is that earlier I was with the guys and we stopped to see these five or six feral cats that were being fed on the boardwalk. I actually told the guy feeding them about Hemmingway’s six-toed cats in Key West. But to the guys, I asked, if you saw a beautiful girl right now, what is the first thing you would say to her? Being used to indirect opinion openers, they told me a couple examples. And I pushed them into set a couple times to watch how they would run an opinion opener and then transition. But anyway, I said, this is what I would say:

Have you seen the cats...? You won’t believe what I just saw… My friends and I are sitting on this bench down there. You know, just catching our breath and people watching. Down there near the fiberglass statue of Washington and his boat. And we hear this noise. This strange noise. We look around and all we see are old folk and kids minding their own. And we hear it again. Rrrrrrrwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwww. Haha, yeah just like that. And we look at each other and we’re like WTF? So I start looking around. And right behind Washington’s boat are these two cats. And they're going at it. The male cat is on top, of course, and he’s got the female cat in his teeth behind her neck, you know, biting her and holding her down. Like this….

And I let her see me make a C with my right hand and move it to her neck and give it a squeeze. Erogenous zone fun. My Belarus babe actually says, “lots of animals do this.” Haha, damn right. I say, “I haven’t even looked at the ocean today. Let’s check it out.” And I lead her off the boardwalk.

She takes off her shoes and we walk to the shoreline. I’ve got on boots and it’s not worth the hassle. We’re just there for a minute and I talk about watching the sunset over the Pacific coast. I say flirtatious things that allude to me taking her to California in the future. When we walk back I compliment her tie-up shoes (I don’t know what the fuck they are called) and I suggest we trade and I act like I’m taking my shoes off. She’s like, No way, they are from home, etc. We thumb wrestle and when we get up to the boardwalk, I grab her hand and pull her onto my back for piggyback fun. She’s laughing.

I phone Icedub (who was actually in sight, but I didn’t want to give her the impression that we had been followed) and we talked about going to the lighthouse. I told her to come along. Of course I had to explain what a lighthouse is and what it is for. Which is perfect for me. I love this teacher frame. Breaking things down to the basics; the bear root essence. Love it. Plus it allows you to rely more on the nonverbals.

So when they see me off the beach, my girl and I are hand-in-hand. I introduce the guys. They want to bounce, but I insist that this girl is cool and she will roll with us and I can still be a sounding board for their approaches. After more walking and rapport and holding her around the waist, I’m just like, “We have to find my friends girlfriends. What do you think of her…” Haha. So the guys do a couple more approaches and we bid each other good times, as I would be heading up the coast to see them again the next day.

Some topics and threads:

--She tells me that she has one job and she has been out today looking for another job. She has an interview the next day at a restaurant.
--I ask her how many people she lives with (figuring she was sharing a flat with like six people). She told me she lives alone. I dropped the subject, as I knew where I would be sleeping tonight.
--We talk about vodka, of course. She says she has two bottles. I ask if one is for show and the other for backup or is one for each hand. Good laugh.
--I asked her what she thought of a mural. She said she did not like it. I told her I loved it and she was crazy.
--I said isn’t this an amazing place pointing at casinos and such. She said she did not like it. She likes mountains and lakes and trees. Cool. You’re speaking my language now.
--I told her I date European women because they are sophisticated and stylish. American girls walk like they are about to fall over, they stare at the ground, and they wear things that don’t match. Funny thread and an indirect compliment.
--I say, “I have so much to teach you.” Several times.
--I will say a word and then say, “You know this word?” She will shake her head no and I will explain. Because if I don’t ask, she just nods her head like she understands.
--After explaining a few things, I tell her that she is lucky to have met me because most Americans have a very basic and plain understanding of English, but I will teach her eloquent, poetic, and useful words.
--I ask her to teach me a couple words in Russian. I attempt to pronounce them, which is a chance for her to DHV. I seriously think I am pronouncing it exactly, but she insists on correcting me five or six times before giving up.
--She says that she likes my laugh. I thank her as I think that is about the best compliment anyone could get. I talk about laughter being in the moment and how there are laughter coaches in America.
--She says that I am very affectionate and close. Most American men are not. She talks about watching couples and how the man walks so far ahead and never talks to his girl. So sad.
--I ask her favorite movie, favorite actress, thoughts on American music, common shit. I tell her that I have to see this movie that she is describing and I ask her if she has it. She does!

So we reach the end of the boardwalk where you can see the lighthouse. In the distance. You are still quite far from visiting the lighthouse. She says, “You came to Atlantic City to see this?” It looked so small with the high-rise hotels behind it. I laugh and tell her that I am going to get her and I tickle her and spin her around. We watch the last rays of sunlight descend over the casinos. I lead her to this little building on the beach to block the wind.

She refuses like my first four kiss attempts. Not verbally, but by turning her head. Cool. We talk about things. We laugh. We exchange little massages. I kiss her neck and arms and cheeks. We’re finally fall into the first kiss very sensually. Break away and each kiss is exponentially more intense. Very nice.

I tell her that I am going to spank her. She says, “What is this?” So I show her. The foreplay is escalating and I’m thinking about how to get her back to her place. It’s so damn cold with the wind. And if she has her own place, it is so ON for the rest of the night. Better to let the anticipation build.

So I take her hand and we start heading back. Great conversation and the vibe is even stronger than before. She says that she wants some coffee, which I was actually willing to buy her, but, much to my continued fortune, the coffee shop that she knew about was closed. I stop her and kiss her along the way a couple times. We get a “get a room” comment which is always fun. Buying temperature dips when I spend several minutes looking for my vehicle in the parking deck. But we finally find it. I give her some CDs to look through and she tells me the directions as we drive and talk.

Her place is really tiny but otherwise not bad. I find a small stack of CDs on her table and ask to hear some of the music. She has no CD player. I say, hold on and I go get my computer. We play this CD and I rip the tracks for massive social proof in the future. She sings along and translates parts.

I ask her to show me some pictures and we look at postcards that she has from Russia and Belarus. We look at a book on Belarus and I ask questions like a ten year old schoolboy looking at his first National Geographic. These churches and monuments look incredible.

I ask if she has candles. Nope. I turn off the light and keep the computer that is playing the CD open for mood light. I’m tickling her and such. We make out. Things progress slowly and passionately. LMR consisted of physical blocking. Two steps back, one forward, and nothing needed to be verbalized. She was quite sexually responsive and I gave her a full repertoire of positions.

After we made love, we showered. (Yes!) Then we watched this movie: The Barber of Siberia. It was painfully long. I fell asleep. Then we made love again. Then slept. Then went at it one more time in the morning. Amazing and passionate each time. Love life.

Her email:

Hi, my sexy boy. I’m gonna kill you if you try to tell about me with your friends. Don't do it. It’s bad, you know. So, if you think that I was easy for you, I want you to know: Russian girls never answer No. It is our desire. Can’t say correct words. You can. Ya lublu tebya. Take care. Always yours. Kiss you.


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