Sunday, June 19, 2005

OR: Atlanta: Hanging with a Playette

SAT 6/18. Went out with Joey, Sid and Liz in Atlanta. Liz (aka Kittywoman) had this to say:

The four of us met at Starbucks prior to hitting the streets. Good idea, since we had never met (well, they all knew each other, but hadn't met me). It gave us the opportunity to discuss what everyone's goals were for the evening. (Other than booty for boys of course, ha!)

I had no personal goals (had all the FB I could (or should) get over the last week.) So, my goal was to work on my Wing technique (all right, AND shake my ass, drink some whiskey and have a good time...) Current sticking points, *suppressing my natural dominance * knowing when to pop in, when to back out * figuring out how to make the PUA look as good as possible without looking like his girlfriend or some shit that would blow it for him *any other baddies and/or goodies the guys noticed. Did my best to let everybody know to be totally harsh w/critique at the time or in review. Like the rest of you, I'll never get any better if coddled and I don't take any of it personally and get girly n shit... I will rarely critique really myself here, I'm VERY interested in your perspective.

Originally Sid had wanted to go to some places in Buckhead. GoneSavage excepted since he's not local (actually I never figured out if you were local and traveling, or what... nice mystery. ha!) but my first comment would be that ya'll should really know your "terrain". Which is gonna mean either *working cover charges on the weekends or *checking out some of the Atlanta hot spots during the week when there is no cover just to get to know 'em. You'll also get to know firm pre-cover times. Personally, I think that Midtown would be much easier for sarging than Buckhead, unless you like black chicks, and maybe u do which is cool.

Anyways, since it was close, we went first to Shout. Lots of HBs (I thought) but maybe a slightly older crowd. Some looked like they had pretty tight assholes tho...My observations: GoneSavage did plenty of opening and I only broke into one. I think he did a good job of nonverbally letting me know what my role was (the arm around the waist helped) and I hope I picked up correctly. (The Swedish chick was the hottest I talked to all night by the way). From there, we went to Leopard Lounge, and I think did a fine job in a combined effort at "working the door" and saving some cash! Ha! Good start!! Ran into some girls that GoneSavage already knew. He made a comment about me talking to them, so I did-- and did my best at making him seem even more interesting, cuz I assumed that's what he had in mind.

GoneSavage-- thanks for letting me know directly that what I could do most. For Sid and Joey it was to push them into sets. I did a couple times, and would have done so more, but also wanted to have my own good time so went on about my business as well. SID- when you were talking to the girls at the bar, I had NO idea that you thought I could have helped and wanted me to come in. Just touch me and I've got it.

From there, to Sutra. I joined GoneSavage and the girls he knew from LLounge. Saw a cutie HB Dancing girl. GoneSavage- sorry the "are you a stripper" was a dud (my bad). Ha! Chick could pull that - I made the mistake of "Chick Frame"! Also... now that I think about it, wondering if I kept your girls on the dance floor too much? Not really where u needed 'em now was it? hmmmmm... but at least pulled many cock blocks. Silly afc's...

GoneSavage- LOTS of opening! Sweetttt... other than that I wasn't involved, so can't really say if there was escalation. But I will say, you have an excellent presence. You also don't seem intimidated at all by a not-bad-looking older woman with lots of experience! Your average afc chick probably stands no chance.. ha! --Kittywoman

Joey adds:
"The night just kinda withered and died for me, mostly for lack of targets... or rather, targets that weren't getting all giggly and flirty with that bastard GoneSavage guy.. it's okay. Don't cry for me. I went home and banged my LTR. (who, BTW, was befuddled when I told her that a chick was out with us tonight as a 'wingwoman'. "Why would a girl be interested in that? I'll never understand..." I just shrugged. I'm still being delicate with this girl as to telling her what all I actually DO when she's not around)."

I add:
Liz, thanks for taking the time to write this up. And thanks for showing me the "Midtown Scene." It seems more relaxed and more upscale and not so full of attention/validation-seeking teenage chicks. If I find myself back in ATL for any period of time I will concentrate on this crowd more than Buckhead.

Briefly, it was fun hanging with you and I can think of nothing you did to hinder a set. Your level of energy and frequency of interaction was fine by me. That said, I would really have to stop and think and come up with a structure for a "wingwoman" to truly be helpful in field, especially without 3Some intention. Maybe that is just me because I am fiercely independent and I realize that the game is played (orat least learned) ALONE.

But the social proof is always good and its nice to have someone interesting and attractive to turn to as a "decoy wing" or to just chat and connect. If I'm in ATL again (probably not until September) and we meet up again, I will definitely have come up with a wingwoman plan of action. Thanks again for hanging with us and showing me Midtown and helping me get in for free. ;) Too bad Sid's car got towed from Starbucks :(


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