Wednesday, June 15, 2005

LR: Virginia: Deer or Waterfalls?

6/15. What a day. What just happened was so intense and exciting I have to write it up NOW--mere minutes after it just happened.

I spent today sightseeing and hiking and spending time outdoors and taking pictures (see earlier blog post). Stuff that brings me pleasure that is not related to women or seduction. Of course, that doesn’t mean that my mind has not been somewhat occupied with women and seduction as I enjoyed these other activities. But I certainly have not spent any time today “picking up” or even socializing. I just did what I felt like doing.

Yet I just had sex. I can barely believe it. It seems like it “just happened.” I didn’t spend a whole day or even a night “in field.” (Well, I was actually in an actual FIELD for awhile.) This was practically the only person I talked to all day. Amazing. This was a true Lifestyle Lay. (Read earlier posts for more on the topic of the lifestyle I am cultivating.)

So I roll into Harrisonburg, VA after spending the day in Shenandoah National Park. I was thinking about what a great day I had and how it sucked that I couldn’t stay longer (and in fact couldn’t even tour the rest of the park) because I have to hit the Interstate.

It is 10PM exactly. I’m surprised that Harrisonburg is a sizeable city. I mean, they have a mall and (as I later found out) not one, but two, Super Wal-Marts. I see a large chain bookstore that closes at 11PM and decide that I will sit in the café for one hour and charge my batteries and sort the pictures from the day. I’m eager to see what shots turned out best.

I’m sitting there all sweaty (and smelly no doubt) in shorts and a t-shirt and hiking boots. Messy hair, as I had been wearing a hat all day. I sit there and transfer the pictures from the memory cards to the laptop.

Then SHE walks in. She breezes past me long enough for me to see her shoulder-length light-red hair and really nice breasts. No eye contact. Didn’t even get a good look at her face. She’s at the café counter ordering a drink. I turn and see her ass in tight jeans. Me likes.

So I think: You have to talk to her. Then I think, but you’re smelly and sweaty and dressed shabbily and BUSY and you’re leaving within the hour. Then I think, yeah but, you could be plowing that ass tonight. Then I think, goddamn, you think too much.

So I made a compromise with myself. I said, if she sits down in the café or otherwise stays in the store, I absolutely have to talk to her, if she gets her drink and walks out the door, well, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Well, she gets her drink and takes off to another part of the store. She had no interest in lingering around the café, where I was the only person to be seen. I wait a minute or so and go off to find her. I see her sitting with a magazine and I decide to walk past her to the bathroom.

There I decided to approach her with a neutral opener and ask her where something was. I also made it a point to avoid looking in the mirror. I figured that if I confirmed that I was dressed poorly or looked sweaty and worn, I would rationalize not approaching. But I made a pact with myself. It’s on.

I walk from her left in front of her where she is sitting and past her and pivot toward her and stop and say: “Hey…do you know if there is a Wal-Mart around here?”

She starts giving me directions by naming streets and I shake my head with a confused look and I say, “I don’t know streets, I’ve never been in this city before in my life.”

Well, she didn’t take the hook. Instead she gives more descriptive and detailed directions. I repeat them and then say, “Guess there’s not much to do around here since you’re in a bookstore on a Tuesday night.”

She says, “I love to read” and she turned her attention back to her magazine.

I say, “Cool. I have to go get back to my computer before some bookworm steals it.”

I go to the computer and I think, damn, she was not very warm. Well, I did the approach. Done. I tried. I go back to sorting the pictures. The photos are NICE. Soon I think, wouldn’t it be cool if someone were over here looking at them with me? That girl probably would like them, couldn’t hurt to ask here over.

Then I decided, you know what, I’m just going to pick up the computer and go to her! And that’s what I did. I put the computer in my bag without turning it off and walk up to where she’s sitting.

GS: Deer or waterfalls?
HB: What?
GS: Deer…or…waterfalls?
HB: Uh, waterfalls, I guess.
GS: Cool. I’m going to show you something amazing; these are the pictures I took today.

So I sit down, whip out the computer and start showing her the pictures. The waterfall pictures are before the deer, but of course I show her both. I tell a very brief version of the story that I typed up for the pervious post. She’s not giving me her full attention – still flipping through the magazine. Some of the deer pictures are really wonderful. Like cute fawn frolicking in a field of flowers. Another one of a doe liking the fawn’s ass.

I look at a few pictures, then engage her again, “look at this one.” She tells me that the place is a really common place to see deer. I tell her that I had fun and I tell her that I’VE never seen anything like this number of deer in Georgia. She asks what part of GA and relates a story of when she was in Atlanta and tells me that she used to go to school in Greenville, South Carolina. Now she is back home and has transferred to JMU (she’s 20).

GS: J…M…U…
HB: James Madison University
GS: You spoiled it! I was going to guess. I knew it had to be one of the eight Virginian presidents.
HB: Yeah, it’s a nice school. You should check it out.
GS: Like right now? Is there anything I’d be interested in… like a bell tower or a cool sculpture? I love to check out landmarks and public art.
HB: Uh…well, there is a statue of James Madison.
GS: Cool. We should go steal it and hold it for ransom. We’ll tie rope around it to pull it over with your car. Then stash it in the forest. When the authorities catch up with us, we’ll demand that they give you straight A’s. By that time, I’ll be long gone!
HB: Okay, because that’s the only way I’d get straight A’s!

As you can see, I was trying to structure a reason for her to spend time with me and show me something. Insta-date. Plus I was future projecting a silly adventure of us doing stuff together.

We talk a little more about Greenville and this city and how grocery stores are different in the south. I tell her a few quick stories and tell her that I plan to go to Natural Bridge the next day. She tells me that the drive is not bad and it is a beautiful place. I talk about how I hate driving straight through long distances because I’m a sucker for stopping to see the sights and meeting interesting people. Etc, etc.

So she gets up to leave and says, “Have fun at Wal-Mart. I actually need to go over there and get some make-up.” Hmm… I say, “Cool, I should just ride with you. So I don’t get lost. And you can show me the James Madison statue and the rest of your campus.”
She says “OK.” I say, “Hang on” and she waits while I shut down the computer.

It’s almost 11PM. We go outside the bookstore, and I say “hang on” again as I put the computer in the van. Just as I walk to the passenger side and she says, “Do you sleep in your van?” I think this is pretty bold of her to ask. She’s keen. I say, “Yeah. Allows me to be anywhere I want. It’s extremely convenient….and comfortable.”

We take off and she starts talking about how she has moved back home with her parents for the summer and how she hates it because they are nosy and like to know where she is at all times. She tells me how they got pissed when she first started staying at her boyfriends and she says “like that’s the ONLY place we could be having sex.” I ignore the sex thread and say that it is nice that her parents are protective and concerned. She should appreciate that. BTW, I don’t know her name—we have not introduced.

We do a little drive-thru tour of campus and I have her tell me things about the city, etc. She’s telling me that it’s basically a college party town. I ask about nightlife and talk a bit about nightlife in DC. She tells me about the restaurant she works at. When we get to Wal-Mart, I say, “What did you say you needed, make-up?” She says, “Yeah, I was looking at these fashion magazines and now I feel like I need new make-up.”

Hahaha! Anyway, I ignore the plea for beauty reassurance. And I don’t make a comment on the influence of pop culture playing on her insecurities. Instead, I tell her about how excited I was when our town got its first Wal-Mart Supercenter. And how they should have date-nights at Wal-Marts.

We go straight to the makeup section. I put on some lipstick. She laughs. I say I have to get a gallon of water and I’ll come back. That doesn’t take long. When I get back, she’s like, “you ready.” No makeup? “They don’t have what I’m looking for.” Chicks are fun. The indicators of interest are mounting. But it gets even better.

I buy the water and say, “Where to now?” She says, “I don’t know. I could show you where I work.” Cool. When whe get out of the car this time, she say, “By the way, I’m….” and I introduce myself and tell her that it is nice to meet her. Anyway, this place is a really upscale brew pub and she tells me they have really busy happy hours. They are closed now, but her coworkers are in there drinking. We go in and I tell her she is “one of those people who can’t stay away from their workplace, even on her day off.” Her rebuttal is to say that it doesn’t count because they are closed and we will only be there a minute. She gives me a tour and tells me about the job and I meet a couple people. Asks if I want a drink, but I really didn’t want get stuck there. I scan the menu and talk to a dude about how the brew thing works while she chats this chick.

I hear her telling this girl that she almost had a threesome with her boyfriend and his brother. But she didn’t because the brother was only fifteen. And she didn’t like that he was hitting on her by making fun of her. But she almost did it, “just to say she had.”

I said, “Hey you could have checked two things off your list at once. The brother scenario and the underage fantasy. That would have really lowered your Purity Test score.” They laugh. The other girl says that she has never had sex with brothers but she has had sex with best friends.

Who are these sex-crazed women? And why-oh-why didn’t I play up BOTH of these girls for a threesome?!? Damn, I let that one slip.

So my girl takes me next door to this place that is a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. I say that is becoming quite a trend. I dig it. It’s the only place open on a Tuesday night. There are about 8 people in there. Cool place with collages on every wall. She gets some mocha-thing which is her second coffee drink since we met. I led her to a corner that has a shit load of thrift store books and say, “You’ll like it here since you like to read.”

I pick up a book called “Thriving on Chaos.” I say this is just like me. Someone who quits his job, severs his social ties, and hits the road in search of life and adventure, thriving on chaos. I turn to a random page where a chapter is titled: “Creating A Climate That Encourages Spontaneous Initiative-Taking.” Whoa…how appropriate. I scanned the chapter and found out it was some dense business theory, but I love the title.

I say, “Did you notice the make-out corner.” There were two couples making out across the room. She says something about how she hates PDA. I agree and say, “I mean, show some decorum, all the lonely people in the world don’t want to see that.”

We talk a little about movies and music and hobbies. (I love girls that consider sleeping a hobby.) I tell her that we have to get her some adventure. I ask her what her life would be rated as a movie. She says R because of sex and language. I tell her that if she had said G or PG then I couldn’t continue to talk to her. She asks me in turn. I say R, but I offer no stories. Somehow she starts telling me about loosing her virginity by getting fucked on the floor while her best friend slept on the couch in the same room.

We are sitting on different chairs facing each other in a way that out legs are positioned at 90 degrees toward each other. She puts her legs across my knees and I act casual about it but then I look at her feet in her sandals and I say, “Man…someone’s got some dirty feet.” She takes her feet down and looks offended. I don’t apologize, but I say:

GS: “You don’t have esteem issues do you?”
HB: “Of course not, I have a healthy self-image. I love myself.”
GS: “Good… because I think you’re cute. And I want you to be comfortable with me liking you. That’s really why I came to talk to you at the bookstore.”
HB: “I figured as much.” (She smiles.)
GS: “Now, if we could just clean your feet, we might have something here.” (She laughs.)

So, I saw signs of a somewhat low or average self-esteem and I used that as an opportunity to give her the SOI that I felt she needed. Since I had approached her in an implicitly direct way and so far I’d been pretty tentative and cautious in showing interest, she seemed the type to need a little reassurance. I really like her ‘figured as much’ response.

She says come sit here and pats her chair. I say, “Do I get a back rub?” She asks, “Do I get one in return?” I say, “Sure. But I give intense massages, not weak back rubs.” I move in and she massages my shoulders and I say harder and she gets into it and I moan and sway just a bit. She says, “My turn” and I say not yet and I have her do me a little more.

We swap seats and I give her a pretty intense little massage. I tell her that she is so tense and she needs to get her BF to give her massages more often. I mention a couple threads like “massage is hypnosis for the body.” Intense. I also massage her scalp and I’m leaning in and breathing intensely on her neck. Smelling her hair and brushing my cheeks and nose against her. She turns her head and her body around and we kiss. Proceed to make-out and I pull back. I say, “You are driving me wild, but I am trying to be…good.” She pulls me in and we make out again. I remind her that I have a long drive and I should get going.

Now she is in full chase mode and she asks if she could come with me. I tell her that she would have to follow me in her car because I was not going to come back up that way. She thinks about it and says okay and that “maybe we could get a room at the lodge down there.” Maybe. We talk about what time we would have to get up to leave and I tell her that she should get home and get some sleep and not worry her parents.

So we drive back to the bookstore. I hop out of her car without saying goodbye, but without telling her that I’m going to show her anything either. I go to the passenger’s side of my van and get some water. She walks around and:

HB: “I want to see the inside of the van.”GS: “I don’t know--I wasn’t exactly expecting to give a tour today.”
HB: “Come on, I have to see where you sleep.”

So I open the side door and she just hops in! It is only possible to do this at this point because my bike was stolen in DC. Normally the bike would block the side and you’d have to enter the van from the front or the rear. So she just lays back on the pillows and the heap of clothes other stuff that we could have moved.

GS: “Well shit, you sure look comfortable.”
HB: “Mmmm…I want you so bad.”
GS: “That’s…nice…to know…but you’re going to have to beg for it.”

It was all pretty obscene from there. She’s giving me pretty good head and she says, “How do you want this to end.” I thought I was being remarkably clever when I said, “Baby, are you kidding? I *don’t* want this to end.” Then I started playing with her pussy to let her know that I would indeed be fucking her then and there. Love life.



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