Saturday, June 18, 2005

Developing TESTS for Screening Women

Here is a series of insights I have had recently. Of all the types of verbal threads we use in seduction (stories, routines, patterns, games, tests, jokes, etc), what is generally the best for SCREENING a chick? What’s best for giving her an opportunity to qualify herself to your high standards? To me the answer is obvious: TESTS.

I’m finding out more and more the importance of screening (or sometimes just pseudo-screening) women to determine if they have the qualities and behavioral characteristics that I’m looking for. Is she adventurous? Spontaneous? Sensual? Curious? Intelligent? Rich? Bi? Etc, etc.

I’m thinking the most efficient way to determine if a girl has these qualities, or at least to get some indicator of their precence, is through TESTS. I mean, who administers tests?

Authority figures and teachers. Both are gatekeepers that decide if you are eligible to gain admittance or acceptance to have or experience some kind of prize or reward. This could be the permission to drive, to attend a certain school, or advance toward a goal.

The way I see it, I’m an authority figure in a girl’s life. I’m attractive and dominant and selective. I also have the ability to teach her many things about the world and her role as a woman. The reward for her is of course my attention, affection, company, stories, kino, kisses, and sex.

I want to ask a girl a question and instead of just accepting her answer, I want her to know that there is a “right” and expected answer and my impression of her will be affected by her answer. Playfully, of course. Or to just say, okay, now I have to give you the XYZ test and run it. Some are verbal some involve touching.

So, what I want to do is run wild with this theory and develop fun tests that will screen for qualities that she should posses in order to receive the prizes that she desires (and has earned). That’s the pursuit for me right now is to develop effective and fun tests to use in my rap for the purpose of screening and building attraction and being a challenge.

Other insights:

1) I can think of three tests that I have encountered in this community and they all are money. The kiss test, the trust test, and the girlfriend test. I personally have amazing results with these. Search the archives if you don’t know.
2) We also talk about “shit-tests” as negative frames that girls present to us that we must pass. Guys pride themselves by knowing how to pass the test or ignore it. I see this as a frame that a PUA would want to reverse. I want to have structured and effective “shit tests” ready to present before she even thinks she has to test me.
3) We also talk about field testing material and tactics. Just a spin here is that we’d be testing tests. This term also shows the pervasiveness and importance of testing in general.
4) I’m also reminded of those popular little multiple choice tests that are in women’s magazines. Like, in this scenario, you are most likely to a,b,or c. I can see myself running a series like this. I’ll have to go find one of these magazines.
5) Some things I have found myself doing in set that are kind of like tests: If a song comes on that I actually like (so rare), I’ll say, “If you can name the band that sings this song, I’ll show you something really cool.” Or if a girl says she likes something that I also like, I say, “Cool. We have something in common. You get a point.”
6) The above example is not as effective as having an actual test with a desired answer because for all she knows I could be “pushing a match” and saying I like something that I don’t so we seem similar. Very AFC.
7) I’m also reminded of how gimmicks such as handwriting analysis can be used as screening mechanisms. Like when you say, “This is so cool. It’ll tell you things about yourself that your best friend probably doesn’t know. But best of all, it will let me know if you are someone I’d really like to get to know in the ways that count.” In that sense, HWA is a test, or a pseudo-test.


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