Sunday, March 01, 2009

Frivolous vs Trivial

You must avoid things that are trivial, and embrace things that are frivolous.

Trivial means: Small, unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, trifling, petty.

Frivolous means: Playful, lighthearted, merry, giddy, joyous, cheerful.

Trivial things take up your time and numb your senses. Frivolous things add meaning, dimension, and significance to your life.

The difference is simple. All things trivial are objects – your car, your clothes, your phone, your bank account. All things frivolous are actions – making new friends, dancing, kissing, making love.

If you devote your life to frivolity, you will have a much better time. To do so you must deliberately have adventures, shun boredom, cultivate curiosity, let go of conflicts, and accept risks. You must realize that life is short and you must be ready to try anything. You must be more aggressive about getting the blessings you deserve.

What are your favorite frivolities?


Inspired by Cynthia Heimel


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