Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I'm with Cupid" Event

This page is the easiest way for me to get this information to the interested guys. Also, if you have questions, email me rather than leaving a blog comment:

So, here's the deal. I'm putting together a Valentine's Weekend outing. Here are the details:

1. This is an event of camaraderie through both spirit and visual unity. We are going out as a group. We will dress as if Valentine's Day is the most amazing holiday ever. Like we invented it. We love women, we love the idea of expressing that love, and what better time to do it? Wear a red blazer, a red shirt with a black blazer, a heart necklace, etc. Have fun with your attire. This is not "peacocking" -- this is dressing the part of someone excited to be sharing a good time. This is not "dress to impress" but "dress to express."

2. The spirit of the event can be summed up in this sentence: "To have a good time, be a good time." We should look like a group of guys having a good time and sharing it. This is about giving rather than getting. You have so much fun, excitement, and pleasure to give -- it is just overflowing. Think either fun-loving trickster type or super-suave seducer type. Exaggerate it. Think Eros, Cupid, Dionysus, Casanova, Don Juan, rakes, dandies, and horny devils. Then we will go out and give fun and pleasure.

3. Bring something to give. Something simple like those 2nd grade type Valentine's cards, candy, stickers, etc. PLUS, I will also bring a box full of ideas. Things like naughty trivia cards, dirty dice, sensual lottery tickets, etc. Fun stuff. Again, the idea is to share a good time. It's up to you how much you want to give and if you want to create a playful dynamic where there is an exchange required. :)

4. The commitment fee gets you on board BOTH Friday and Saturday. We will expect to meet at 7pm sharp at Ox Social Headquarters to share ideas and do some warm-ups. We will hit the town by 10 and expect to go until 2am both nights.

5. We should end up as a group of 6-10 guys and will stick together entourage-style. We can go to 6th or 4th streets. Doesn't matter to me. If you know a particular V-Day event that we should check out, let me know.

6. The most important decisions we will ever make in life is that of our attitudes and intentions. I talk a lot about the difference between pick-up and seduction, but the number one distinction comes down to intention. Do you meet women with the primary intention of getting something or giving something? It's as simple as that. Examine your motive. Obviously there is return in it for you. No one gives ONLY to please others. You can't hold a torch to light someone's path without also lighting your own. But what I insist is this: The best way to get is to give. Add value to her life. To have a good time, be a good time. Give with no string attached. Put her first. Use your talents, resources, perspectives, and ideas to show her a good time. To me, this is the intention of true seduction. Keep this in mind.

7. Bring a camera. :)

Jason Savage


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