Friday, May 28, 2010

Seductive Ordination

What does it mean to be ordained?

Ordination in the classic, symbolic sense means that people recognize a certain quality that is unique to you. People come to you because of this special quality. You have this one incredible quality that sets you apart.

You become known as a problem-solver. A good listener. Someone with great clarity and wisdom. Someone who makes people laugh.

My belief is that everyone has such a remarkable quality. When you tune into your awareness, you'll notice that a community is actually seeking you out because of it.

For the better part of a decade, I was determined to be an anonymous playboy. I've always enjoyed seduction and sex, but I did not desire worldwide recognition for these abilities. I bought the illusion that my purpose had to be something bigger and better.

Then, a community called upon me to become a teacher of seduction and sex. I consider myself ordained as a teacher. It is my calling. I honor that ordination exactly as such. For me, it is sacred.

I have been ordained to explore and teach the process of seduction. It is not just a characteristic of my personality. It means that I am under orders to treat this part of myself as sacred. It has come directly from heaven for me to share with others.

Within you is a quality that you need to look at. You have a quality that you are ordained to share with others.

The challenge is that you have to get through the illusion that the only way to see yourself is by what you do. You are not your occupation. Believing that you are what you produce is a human illusion. You have to transcend the illusion and look at the spiritual energy that is thriving within you.

Maybe you are fanatically optimistic. Maybe you have the capacity to see and communicate beauty. Maybe you use your mind, body, and spirit to make people feel amazing pleasure. Maybe you truly give incredible, selfless blow-jobs.

Make no mistake, these qualities are God-like powers. These are our gifts.

We thrive when we give our gifts. We have closer contact between the human and the divine. The energy becomes even more clear when we activate our capacity to see beyond the illusions. Choosing to see beyond illusion is what makes a person a mystic.

Drop the illusion of who has more power. Who's demonstrating the highest value. Who's work is contributing more to this planet. Who cares? It's all illusion.

Real power is to recognize your gifts, ordain them, and share them. Make your ordination a ritual. Light a candle and say, "God, I am going to honor this part of myself as sacred. My sexuality is beautiful and it is a gift I can give to others."

Challenge why you diminish your sexuality and self-worth. Why do you look at the contributions of others and see them as being greater than your own?

It's a tragedy to ignore the divine because you think your sexual gifts are not great enough. The divine comes in humble packages. It's the mustard seed that knocks down the mountain.

Take a look at all the sensual and sexual qualities that you can share. Recognize these qualities as your gifts, and you will recognize a sacred energy. It's pure power.

Maintain clarity with what is illusion and what is true power, and you will recognize what it means to be seductively ordained.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Art of Giving

In gratitude for God's gift of life to us we should share that gift with others. The art of giving encompasses many areas. It is an outgoing, overflowing way of life.

Emerson said it well: "Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true give is a portion of thyself."

We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the heart: Love, kindness, joy, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness...

We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the mind: Ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals, principles, plans, inventions, projects, poetry...

We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the spirit: Prayer, vision, beauty, aspiration, peace, faith...

-- Wilfred Peterson, 1960

We give of ourselves when we give the gift of intimacy: Honesty, integrity, vulnerability, authenticity, connection...

We give of ourselves when we give the gift of seduction: Attention, affection, desire, pleasure, intensity, curiosity, excitement...

We give of ourselves when we give the gift of sexuality: Arousal, lust, passion, sucking, fucking, tension, surrender, release, awakening...

-- Jason Savage, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mystic Seduction, an Introduction

"Prayer, seated meditation, walking meditation, guided meditation, fasting, dancing, chanting, physical isolation, living in a community, acquired poverty, self-examination, concentrated study of sacred texts, long periods of silence, guidance by a teacher, a dozen varieties of yoga, sexual excess, sexual abstinence, finding the hidden meaning of numbers, pathless wandering, devoted service to others, institutional obedience -- all are suggested forms of spiritual discipline. And within each of these there are any number of alternative routes.... We are left with an obvious question: So we must do something, but will anything do?" -- James Carse

My stance -- for the record -- is that seduction is a spiritual practice. Seduction, as a disciplined pursuit of higher truth, is every bit as valid as any of the above.

I am not specifically talking about sexual excess or promiscuity. Nor I am talking about the high-self-confidence, low-self-esteem, status-driven, ego-obsessed con-game of 'pick-up.'

What I'm talking about is seduction as the process of enhancing, enriching, and enlivening a person's reality. It's the process of making his or her awareness more intense. It's the process of lowering defenses and awakening senses. Seduction -- as a spiritual practice -- is one of giving. Seduction is a gift.

I call the awareness and practice of giving this gift Mystic Seduction. A 'Mystic' is someone whose perceptions about reality and power differ from those of ordinary people. A 'Mystic Seducer' detaches -- through intuition and practice -- from the idea that seduction is manipulation, used for taking and self-gain. That particular perspective can now be relegated to the mentality and modality of a 'Pick-Up Artist.'

Mystic Seduction does not occur because something external demands it. That's the ego looking for such external means of validation. Mystic Seduction is not of the ego, but of the soul. It is a freely-given gift from the soul.

Marginalizing the ego is the way of entering the soul. Perhaps, it is marginalizing the ego that opens the soul. Mystic Seduction is the practice of a soul-opened individual offering a gift. The magic is in the giving. If a gift is not offered freely, but with an expectation of return, then it is not really a gift -- it's a bribe. Further, if a gift is offered freely and it is not accepted, that does not diminish the act of giving. The intention of the giver does not change based on the reaction of the receiver.

Mystic Seduction comprises many gifts, such as: Sensate awareness, sensual awakening, courageous creativity, exquisite energy, ravishing romance, intimate integrity, arousing authenticity, passionate pleasure, and erotic excellence. Performed with humor and style!

All that, and/or, a Guilt-Free Good Time!

The tag line of Mystic Seduction: "Hypnosis for Your Body. Massage for Your Mind."

The motto of the Mystic Seducer: "Take more risks. Give more gifts."

The sacred truth of Mystic Seduction: "If it FEELS good, it probably IS good -- for the body, for the mind, for the planet, and for the soul."

More to come.

Jason Savage

Saturday, May 22, 2010


bragging in ironic self-pity
bohemian paradise
too lazy or indifferent
authentic excitement
the best lovers are erotic mentors
sexual illumination
sexuality connects with creation
prudery kills
envy, bewilderment, and titillation
would you like to run this fuck?
pick-up is the easiest part of love
a look is nothing more than hope
fierce independence
nobody knows I'm a lesbian
pleasure and danger
sexual knowledge
erotic inspiration
hungry, ravenous sexual ego
desirability and talents
sexually adventurous
erotic satisfaction is the explicit goal
desire empowered by action
arousal, desire, wetness
express your sexual curiosity to the fullest
erotic enthusiasts
sex pioneers
tenderness, sensuality, and kink
my speculation is certainly erotic

Being a very public and willing sex maniac is original, creative, and courageous.

Friday, May 21, 2010

No-Woman Diet, pt3

Some insights and realizations:

Most of my material stuff is gone. All four aquariums and their stands. All five bookshelves. My air purifier and floor lamps. It's quiet. No noise from aquarium filters and air pumps. Silence is masculine. Space is masculine. There is still a lot of clutter, but the space that has opened up already is symbolic of the ripening freedom that inhabits this moment.

Today I was awakened by the sound of chainsaws. They removed a huge limb of an oak tree -- the one right outside my door that used to lean onto the balcony. I'm not used to the space. It's unfamiliar. Yet, I sense new-found freedom. Openness. I feel less protected. Naked. Vulnerable.

The expectations of the guys organizing the group of us on the NWD are starting to come through. That's cool. There's a bit of condescension or guilt-trippyness about it all. I feel pressured to feel guilty about "giving in" and jerking off. Yet, I don't. Remember that this experience is about self-discovery not self-deprivation. Hey, I discovered that I had a three week limit. Three weeks behind; three weeks ahead.

I've been thinking about creativity. All the creativity that I put into sex and seduction. All the creativity that I put into my art and the design of the objects that I chose to surround myself. Creative delinquency. Creative intuition. Creative freedom.

I've realized that all creativity is a sublimation of sexual energy. Creativity is a transmutation of a biological drive. It seems as if I have always known this.

Creation is inherently physical. Sex is inherently creational (procreational or recreational). The desire to create music and art is derivative of the same continuum of energy. Both have everything to do with desire, ability, action, and movement. Creation is raw power. Sex is raw power.

The "wholeness mission" for this week is to take up a new practice. Learning a musical instrument, or taking a class are the examples. "Put stuff in your life that you enjoy." Let me riff on this.

There are a few things that I deeply know about myself. One is that I'm pretty selective about what I pay with my time and attention. After all, these are our only real resources. Second, I know that I am a lifetime learner. I value new experiences and seek novelty. All that said, I know -- with great clarity -- that there are certain things that I will never invest the time and energy in learning. Solid examples: 1) a musical instrument, 2) organized dance, and 3) a foreign language.

This is not to say that I don't have a profound respect and admiration for these things. It is also not to say that I won't pick-up (acquire) bits and pieces of these things in my life's journey. It is only a remark that I have zero interest in ever dedicating my time and attention to the disciplined focus of such pursuits.

So, back to the theme. I'm realizing that the No-Woman Diet is taking a very feminizing turn. We're basically substituting certain feminine energies for others. Don't take a woman on a date, take yourself on a date. Still feminine. Don't spend your time playing video games, spend your time playing the guitar. Still feminine.

We are still subverting sexual energy (kundalini). Instead of adopting a very dominate, purpose-driven masculine directive, we're still just playing around with feminine substitutes. Instead of transmuting the raw sexual power of the second chakra into success (however you chose to define it), we're still just playing around with pastimes and "feeling good."

I'm going to say what I feel at the core of my being, which seems to be a deeply-resonate truth: Why waste precious time and attention on substitutes?

Sexual expression is the bare-root essence. Sex creates life. Sex is a birthright. Sexual expression is how we connect with others. What greater form of self-expression is there? Sex is how we explore our senses and our environments. What greater form of spiritual liberation is there? Sex is living in the moment, dropping our physical boundaries, and exploring an interpersonal altered state all at once.

Sex is a gift!

Musical expression -- as an example -- is a substitute. Forget the male-female polarity, it is simply a substitute for raw creative-sexual power. Guys take up musical instruments to either get girls or because they can't get girls. One is a seduction technique and one is a delusional substitute. You can excoriate me and say "But I play this guitar as an expression, not a means to impress." And I'd respectfully say: "Bullshit." Delusions are useful. Music is a gift, yes. Fucking is a gift too.

I'm not dissing the program. Just pointing out my observations, so far. The lesson seems to be: Take up a feminine art, now, recognize that it is just a creative substitute. It is derivative of sexual energy, but not an expression of the real thing. This is helping you recognize your masculine essence by consciously creating the feminine polarity. Or at least a version of it.

That's cool. I'm on board. However, I fully expect that the next "wholeness mission" will be to go get a manicure. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Self-Date(s)

The first AMP "Wholeness Mission" was to take myself on a date.

I considered a few things. Like a fancy dinner. Here's the thing. I'd almost never take an interpersonal date out on a fancy dinner. I'm doing a specialized diet right now anyway, so no.

I considered going to a movie with/by myself. That's something I've never done. I go to the movies only about once a year -- with a friend/lover and not a date. At any rate, I can't name a single movie out right now. Not interested.

Things like going to a concert or a museum I have no qualms about doing alone. So, no real point. A date for me is about getting to know a girl and giving her an opportunity to get to know me. To connect, to combine energies, to find common ground. That experience IS the date. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant. I decided that I had to take that perspective here.

Savage: "Hey Jason, want to go kayaking?"
Savage: "Yeah sure."
Savage: "Well, we'll have to act quick to get some sun."
Savage: "Hey, can we look online and find that half-off coupon?"
Savage: "Fuck the coupon, let's go."

So, Monday, I went kayaking. It is immensely popular here on Lake Austin. I've done it once before with a lover. Actually we shared a canoe.

The first thing I realized is that you can't sit in a kayak without getting your ass wet. They're designed that way.

The second thing I realized is that being out on a single-person kayak is actually pretty common. There were a lot of guys out by themselves. (No girls though.)

The third thing I realized is that it is pretty boring. It's okay, I guess. I looked down at the turtles and some pretty big bass and carp. I paddled across the lake. I played around with different paddle techniques. Backwards, high arch, low arch, etc. I tried to see how fast I could paddle 100 strokes. I came back to shore. Meh.

On Tuesday, I called myself for another date. I decided that I wanted to take myself somewhere where I could sunbathe nude. I really wanted to feel sunrays on my ass. I want to tan my taint.

I started heading toward Hippie Hollow. "The only clothing optional public park in Texas." If you don't believe me, there are pictures here:

It's several miles outside of the city. I had my spidey senses working to find a more private spot. I wasn't in the mood for voyeurism or exhibitionism, I just wanted to feel the sun on my ass. More importantly, I did not want to pay $12 just for the opportunity to be naked in nature.

So, as luck or divine guidance would have it, I found a road that had been built for some emerging industrial park that never happened. I schlepped my blanket out into the weeds and wildflowers and set up camp. Suntan lotion, water, and a book. I got naked and enjoyed the heat of the sun while chasing off spiders and bugs. Besides the birds and some low-flying pilots, no one knew. (Four helicopters did fly by -- or else the same helicopter passed four times.)

I was reading, so laying on my front was much more comfortable that trying to hold the book in the air above my face to block the sun. I must have spent much more time on my stomach than my back. My ass is very very red, while my thighs and groin are still lily white. It feels like I spent an hour with a dominatrix rather than an hour in the sun. Ouch.

I'd call these two dates a success.

I kinda like to see this guy Savage again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Stroke

So, after 3+ weeks without orgasm, ejaculation, or even a memorable erection, I was starting to get worried. A few days ago, I decided to look at a single porn clip. It was a test to make sure that I could still get aroused. I was starting to fear impotence or somesuch. Like I said, it was just a test -- I wasn't even feeling that horny.

Man, that clip was hot! I'd never been so fascinated, so enthralled by a single sex act. Porn clearly has a desensitizing effect. How often do we jump from scene to scene, fantasy to fantasy, looking for just the right contrived mental stimulation to get off? Yet this self-imposed depravity allowed this one single scene to be so deliciously hot. Make no mistake, I was hard. Throbbing hard. I kinda studied my cock -- admired it really -- for it had been so long since giving it any real attention. Then I shut off the porn and put my dick away.

The spell had been broken. The next day, this porno was all that I could think about. It seemed like I was aroused all day just remembering the simple beauty of penetration. It was just a basic scene. Slow and sensual. Vanilla really. But it seemed like ever cell in my body was captivated. That night I looked at the same clip again, as I admired my cock, appreciating all the pleasure that it has brought me -- and my lovers -- throughout life. Then, once again, I shut off the porn and put my dick away.

The third day was filled with intense lust. Just about every woman who crossed my path was subject to an brief, passionate physical connection -- though only in my head. That night I watched the porno again. I stroked my cock noticing the subtleties and nuance of sensation. Every molecule felt ignited with electricity. I knew I would let it happen this time, so I pushed the pleasure to the brink. Drawing it out, such a tantalizing delay. Then I came. The pure volume was ridiculous. A load that huge deserved a facial. I imagined the sense of pride and honor that so many women would have had if allowed to coax that much cum out of me. It is a shame that no one was there to receive this copious gift. Alas, I did it myself. To myself. With only myself. And that was that.

I broke the diet. I can't really feel shameful about this. I must have a three week limit. Now I have three more weeks to let it build up again for a sexy Swedish recipient.

But here's the ultimate observation. Masturbation is a release mechanism. It relieves horniness and tension. The horniness from desire/lust/porn was gone. I could relax. But so was the focus and determination that I had before I looked at the porn the first time. That focus was useful. Transmutation of sexual energy is real. Now, I am not as horny as before -- nor am I worried about impotence -- but I am also not as focused in general. More distracted from the present clarity of intent.

So, we have an assignment this week: "Take yourself on a date."

Does the above count? The way I see it, I even waited until the third date to make sure I wouldn't judge myself as being too easy. I've got to protect my reputation, you know.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time is Slipping Away...

These days you have an extraordinary capacity to perform magic. And when I use that word "magic," I mean it in a very specific sense: Causing practical changes to occur in accordance with your most noble and beautiful desires. I'm not talking about the kind of "magic" that helps you gratify mediocre wishes or tawdry fantasies. I'm not saying you should go on an acquisitive binge as you gather up booty and bragging points. Rather I'm letting you know that you have the power to create inspiring transformations in the way your life works.

"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show." So begins Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield. I'd like to inspire you to write a story of your own that begins like that.

--Rob Brezsny

Friday, May 14, 2010

No-Woman Diet pt2

Update. It's been over three weeks without sex, flirting, sensual contact, or masturbation. It's been four weeks since I had a drop of alcohol.

First of all. My dick is shrinking. I'm sure of it. This is kind of a big deal. It just hangs there all shriveled and unloved. It feels so useless, so out-of-service. "Have I been fired? Look at all these women, why won't you let me make them happy?" it begs. If that's not enough, I have also not been having spontaneous erections. No morning wood. No hard cock on command. Desire is still there, but arousal is gone. Perhaps I should look into supplements.

I went to a show tonight. First all month. Remember that music is a feminine substitute. In this environment, I found a new appreciation for the women surrounding me. I was really in tune with the energy being projected. I could tell exactly who was down to fuck. Who liked to be dominated. Who was a good lover. Man, I really really wanted to initiate contact. To combine energy, to get as close as possible. It was like intuition without instinct. Being hyper-sexual is more about instinct. Going for what you want and not apologizing for basic human desire. Frequent fucking can actually have a numbing effect on intuition. Heiarchy of needs, right? At any rate, it was interesting to step back and dissociate for a change.

I've been feeling the stress of moving. Giving things up, getting over the emotional attachments to possession, etc. It takes a lot of coordination -- a full-time job really. Selling at the flea market last weekend was draining emotionally and physically.

I broke my diet pretty hardcore yesterday. Fried chicken tenders and fries. That's bad shit. I can still say that I have not had pasta or straight-up bread in three months. To make up for this, today I just ate fruit and nuts. Six bananas, a grapefruit, an orange, a lemon and a lime. What I did was freeze the bananas, then dip them in the mixed citrus juice and let that freeze around them. I gotta say, it was really good and I feel fine. I'm eating some sunflower seeds now. In Georgia, we call them Spitz.

I read an article by Emily Troscianko. She's famous for being anorexic. I gotta say, her article was inspiring. I doubt this was the intention. Anyway, this "hunger artist" talks about the discipline, self-control, and power that anorexia requires. I mean, she's not stupid. She knew she was super thin. She was getting a high from being hungry. It's not a delusion. It's all about control. "Control equals strength, strength equals denial, denial equals simplicity, simplicity equals purity, purity equals perfection, perfection equals perfect control."

Fat people have no control. It's one thing to get healthy, but I'm really wondering, would I ever have the discipline to be anorexic? I don't think so. I might try to go like three days without eating. Think I could do it? Let's make a wager. But I'll tell you this: If my dick continues to shrink, all bets are off.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Art of Abundance

Clean out your closets. There's nothing like seeing all the stuff you've accumulated to remind you of how much you already have. Give away good used clothing and other useful items to deserving charities. Let someone else enjoy what's been hiding unused in your closet.

Abundance is... not how much I own, but how much I appreciate.

--Candy Paull

Thursday, May 06, 2010

No-Woman Diet

So... the No-Woman Diet, as created and promoted by the Authentic Man Program, has officially started. I've actually been doing this, unofficially, for about two weeks already.

Here's what it's about: Finding clarity and purpose. Awareness, presences, and the quest for freedom. The point is that you do it for a specific period of time -- six weeks -- to cleanse your mind and hone your focus. Just as a detox does for your body. You can't eliminate feminine energy entirely, just like on a detox you don't stop nutrient intake entirely. But you limit it -- increase awareness of it -- then transition into a lifestyle more healthy after the detox period is up.

Stipulations: No sex. No dating. No approaching. No flirting. No Match. No sensual contact. No masturbation. No validation seeking. No forums. No feminine substitutes. No porn. No TV. No music. No alcohol. No drugs. No caffeine. No sugary foods. Etc.

Rewards: A specific reward for doing the NWD, in conjunction with selling/giving away most of my stuff, is that I will go to Europe for three months. I have a strict deadline of June 8th. And I just spent $1200 for the ticket! Anxious and eager at the same time...

Observations, Exceptions, Etc:

Emotional Eating. This is much more under control because I've been dieting for a couple months. I gave up soda, energy drinks, and candy for popsicles and now I've given them up too. I never thought I would like eating frozen bananas. I've been solid with no caffeine, no alcohol, no soda, and extremely limited grains. I bought broccoli today, I believe, for the first time in my life.

Music. During this period, I would normally have gone to 18 shows that are on my radar. I plan on going to only the four most important. At any rate, this will conclude my emulsion into the "Music Capital of the World" that began on April 25, 2007. I'm not listening to music at home like usual. In fact, I am selling all my CDs. I've been listening to talk radio. Especially Coast-to-Coast AM. I'm going to cut that out too because all the "doom and gloom" conspiracy theory shit is really depressing.

Workshops. I've got two students coming in late this month. There will be instruction and approaching involved. The bigger goal is to have most of my possessions cleared out by then so I can focus on giving kick-ass insights and feedback. This is good also because the point of the diet is not to lock yourself indoors and avoid women altogether. However, my immediate focus is the pressing obligation to getting rid of all this stuff.

Project Reset. All my energy is going toward letting go of my possessions. I'm a collector -- a borderline hoarder really. Gotta let it go. Goddamn, I have so much stuff, and it's all been accumulated since 2007. There is a lot of attachment involved. So far: One of the four aquariums is gone. Some of the fish are gone. A few hundred (of thousands) of CDs are gone. Most books are actually gone. I took a box of 70 books to Half Price Books. They offered me $5 for them all. Insane! I took them to another Half Price, and they gave me $12 for half of them. I took the rest to a third Half Price and they gave me $16 for the rest. I took another 30 books today and they gave me $10. I'm getting less that 50 cents each for CDs. I'm noticing that society is media saturated. More people seem to be selling than buying. More people are resetting their lives -- reevaluating where they put their time and attention.

Level Four. I've cleared my phone of all the phone numbers of women. I've just given myself a clean shave. I'm going to go the six weeks without shaving my beard. I'm going to keep shaving my head though because it will be a real bitch to get through at the end of six weeks. Also, I am not going to shower for six weeks. I may rinse off, but soap is definitely a feminine substitute. :)

Urban Totems

"Squirrel totem is resourcefulness. Squirrel is small, but he knows how to use his teeth, his claws, and his speed to his advantage. He knows when to flee a fight and when to stand his ground, and he can be vicious. Squirrel knows the value of setting aside useful things for the future, of knowing his environment and using it to his advantage. Squirrel guides one to the resources, within and without, that one needs to survive. Squirrel is the foreteller of a bad winter; he knows instinctively when bad times are coming and begins to stockpile for them.

Squirrel totem people have whatever strange item you need in their basements, or they have the phone number of someone who does. They can spot a bargain a mile off and squeeze a penny so hard it squeaks. Squirrel people are beloved of Skor. They are cheerful gossips, especially over buying/selling/trading discussions. Squirrel folk tend to chatter when nervous, and squawk in incoherence when angry. They are ingenious with tools and oddments -- when you lose your keys in the mall, it's the squirrel totem friend who will hot-wire your car for you with a paper clip and a ballpoint pen. If you're in luck, your mechanic will be Squirrel totem and save you money by the dozens of junkyards he's got a line on, chock full of interesting items for the scrounging. They are bright-eyed hard workers. You can always tell a Squirrel house by the amount of junk stored in it, often in random piles that no one but Squirrel could ever find anything."

Raven Kaldera, Urban Primitive

Other common Urban Totems: Rat, Cockroach, Mouse, Raccoon, Robin, Starling, Kitty, Feral Cat, Pigeon, Crow, Moth, Seagull, Silverfish, Goldfish, Wasp, Dog, Sparrow, Ant, and Coyote.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dojo Wisdom

"The martial artist must be alert and prepared to defend himself at all times. Because he many not always have a sword strapped to his shoulders, he learns to use his bare hands and feet as weapons. He realizes that carrying too much makes him tired, distracted and unfocused, so he travels light. Traveling light also means he has fewer possessions to defend from thieves.

Possessions, in and of themselves, aren't bad. But often we spend far too much time and energy on them, at the cost of our relationships, personal goals and even enjoyment of those very possessions."

--Jennifer Lawler

I've been scaling back hardcore this week. I've sold over 1,000 CDs and over 200 books. Got about 50 cents each, LOL.