Friday, April 03, 2009

The Will To Find Out

Philosopher Bertrand Russell wasn't so much interested in the "will to believe." Rather, he preferred "the will to find out, which is the exact opposite."

Your assignment is to try his approach. Regard it as an experiment that you'll have fun with.

For a few days, refuse to jump to any conclusions whatsoever. Be skeptical of all theories about why things are the way they are. See if you can thrive without clinging to any ideology.

Instead, be bursting with the intention to discover the raw truth, no matter where that leads you, and even if it seems to contradict your rules to live by.

Rob Brezsny

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Speed Dating Story

I heard this story about some community guys that decided to try Speed Dating. You know, one of those events where you talk to a bunch of singles, but you only get like eight minutes with each...

So all these guys from the local lair show up and they’re chatting with each other about the lines they are going to use and how they are going to “display higher value.” Meanwhile, the girls are all hanging out together – on the other side of the room – talking about their new vibrators or whatever. So it looks like a middle school dance or something – all this sexual tension – but the genders willingly separating themselves. Everyone is just waiting for the host; just waiting for the leader to tell them what to do.

Suddenly, in walks this man. He’s as well-dressed as anyone else and there’s nothing special about his looks. When he enters the room, he stops, smiles, and lets everyone notice him. Then, he confidently and deliberately walks right up to the hottest girl, passionately looks her in the eyes and said “I think you’re sexy, and I just had to come meet you. No one else here really captures my interest, and I’d rather spend my time getting to know just you. Let’s go get a drink somewhere else.”

And do you know what she said? She said, “I’d love to.” And they left together.

This dominant man – this masculine outlaw – just rolls in and breaks the rules of this silly little dating game. All the other participants were left behind, without the opportunity to talk to either this beautiful woman or this self-assured man.

So here’s the question: Is what this guy did fair? Or is all fair in love and dating?