Wednesday, June 29, 2005

LR: Atlantic City: Banging a Belarusian Babe

6/29 *Everything is true except the part about the cats*

Key’s to Lay:
--assumption of attraction
--being confident, positive, flirtatious, and playful
--smiling, laughing, showing genuine curiosity
--having a relaxed and relished certainty
--pacing and leading; escalating physically
--lots of playful, as well as, intimate kino
--spontaneous conversation with situational relevance
--DHVs of intelligence and openness
--diffusing token resistance

Personal Significance:
--sort of makes up for the gorgeous girl I lost in DC who is from the same country (see GoneSavage’s Greatest Misses).
--sort of makes up for the gorgeous girl I lost in Orlando who has the same name (see GoneSavage’s Greatest Misses).
--first time pulling day-game for a same-day-lay (SDL) in front of community guys.
--best sex yet since I have ended my LTR and hit the road (seriously).
--post makes no mention of being on a roadtrip or making trips to Wal-Mart.

I’m in Atlantic City with Icedub and Droots22. We’re playing street game on the boardwalk and retail areas. We’d been discussing mostly concepts of spontaneous storytelling and situational openers. I’ve got them noticing things about girls—how they walk, what they wear, what they might be out doing and how they might be feeling—and we’re discarding three second rules and opinion openers for more intuitive and thoughtful (and relevant) approaches. Good times. Lots of laughs and insights for all. And thanks again for your generosity guys…

Actually we’re sitting in a café finishing up pizza. Droots22 notices this girl breeze past us and says, “Hey, there’s that girl you pointed at earlier.” I’m like, “It’s meant to be. Time to orchestrate fate. I’m going to catch up with her, you guys follow behind me a few paces.”

The backstory is that we were earlier in a different section of town doing approaches and getting a feel for each other’s styles. In brisk transit, heading to where we wanted to eat, I’m talking theory and I break mid-sentence to just point at this girl in passing and say, “See that girl, I could definitely have her tonight.”

Four things:
1) She was definitely my type—brunette with bright expressive eyes, full lips and nice curves. 2) I was really just talking cocky shit. 3) She certainly heard me say something as she smiled at me (or maybe—us…nah). 4) We kept moving.

So here she is again and I’m literally jogging to catch up with her. The guys are not far behind. I’m really liking her ass in this long frilly skirt—the type that seems to be popular this summer.

When I catch up to her and walk two steps ahead, I keep walking beside her and say, “Hey…I noticed you earlier and I think you noticed me. I ran to catch up with you and introduce myself…”

She stops. I stop. We shake hands. I notice her accent, but I do not ask where she is from. My MO now is to let it come up more (or less) naturally. In this case, she actually asked me where I was from first. So I’ve got another eastern European girl on my hands.

I had told the guys earlier to keep me away from eastern European girls. They are so beautiful and I love adopting a teacher frame, but it never works out. And shops in the area are full of them. Most are really really beautiful. The trouble is that they tend to be here with a work-work-work mentality. Many of them with 14-16 hour workdays from a single or two jobs. Their bosses are insecure assholes that will actually yell at them or deduct pay for talking to guys on the job. And since they have earned the permission to be here to work then go home—thoughts of adventure, excitement, and romance are not always on their minds. Many date the European guys that are here. And the living and communication situations of these girls are a logistical nightmare.

But I found the exception.

I’m walking with her and she tells me she is from Russia and she has been here four days but she had been here last summer as well. Cool. I have a lot of friends from Russia and I just met a girl from Belarus when I was in Washington. “Belarus? That is where I am from! Nobody knows it, so I tell them Russia! They think it is South America!” I say, “Cool. You’ll have to tell me some stories about life in Minsk.”

Note: Some guys like to learn a few phrases in different languages as a DHV. I have NO capacity to remember anything in a different language and my pronunciation is horrible. It’s better for me to learn the name of the capitol city or some landmark or historic fact. This note is to remind me to go study geography.

So we’ve been talking for five minutes and I say, “Have you seen the cats?” She said No and I told her a story.

What is fun about this is that earlier I was with the guys and we stopped to see these five or six feral cats that were being fed on the boardwalk. I actually told the guy feeding them about Hemmingway’s six-toed cats in Key West. But to the guys, I asked, if you saw a beautiful girl right now, what is the first thing you would say to her? Being used to indirect opinion openers, they told me a couple examples. And I pushed them into set a couple times to watch how they would run an opinion opener and then transition. But anyway, I said, this is what I would say:

Have you seen the cats...? You won’t believe what I just saw… My friends and I are sitting on this bench down there. You know, just catching our breath and people watching. Down there near the fiberglass statue of Washington and his boat. And we hear this noise. This strange noise. We look around and all we see are old folk and kids minding their own. And we hear it again. Rrrrrrrwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwww. Haha, yeah just like that. And we look at each other and we’re like WTF? So I start looking around. And right behind Washington’s boat are these two cats. And they're going at it. The male cat is on top, of course, and he’s got the female cat in his teeth behind her neck, you know, biting her and holding her down. Like this….

And I let her see me make a C with my right hand and move it to her neck and give it a squeeze. Erogenous zone fun. My Belarus babe actually says, “lots of animals do this.” Haha, damn right. I say, “I haven’t even looked at the ocean today. Let’s check it out.” And I lead her off the boardwalk.

She takes off her shoes and we walk to the shoreline. I’ve got on boots and it’s not worth the hassle. We’re just there for a minute and I talk about watching the sunset over the Pacific coast. I say flirtatious things that allude to me taking her to California in the future. When we walk back I compliment her tie-up shoes (I don’t know what the fuck they are called) and I suggest we trade and I act like I’m taking my shoes off. She’s like, No way, they are from home, etc. We thumb wrestle and when we get up to the boardwalk, I grab her hand and pull her onto my back for piggyback fun. She’s laughing.

I phone Icedub (who was actually in sight, but I didn’t want to give her the impression that we had been followed) and we talked about going to the lighthouse. I told her to come along. Of course I had to explain what a lighthouse is and what it is for. Which is perfect for me. I love this teacher frame. Breaking things down to the basics; the bear root essence. Love it. Plus it allows you to rely more on the nonverbals.

So when they see me off the beach, my girl and I are hand-in-hand. I introduce the guys. They want to bounce, but I insist that this girl is cool and she will roll with us and I can still be a sounding board for their approaches. After more walking and rapport and holding her around the waist, I’m just like, “We have to find my friends girlfriends. What do you think of her…” Haha. So the guys do a couple more approaches and we bid each other good times, as I would be heading up the coast to see them again the next day.

Some topics and threads:

--She tells me that she has one job and she has been out today looking for another job. She has an interview the next day at a restaurant.
--I ask her how many people she lives with (figuring she was sharing a flat with like six people). She told me she lives alone. I dropped the subject, as I knew where I would be sleeping tonight.
--We talk about vodka, of course. She says she has two bottles. I ask if one is for show and the other for backup or is one for each hand. Good laugh.
--I asked her what she thought of a mural. She said she did not like it. I told her I loved it and she was crazy.
--I said isn’t this an amazing place pointing at casinos and such. She said she did not like it. She likes mountains and lakes and trees. Cool. You’re speaking my language now.
--I told her I date European women because they are sophisticated and stylish. American girls walk like they are about to fall over, they stare at the ground, and they wear things that don’t match. Funny thread and an indirect compliment.
--I say, “I have so much to teach you.” Several times.
--I will say a word and then say, “You know this word?” She will shake her head no and I will explain. Because if I don’t ask, she just nods her head like she understands.
--After explaining a few things, I tell her that she is lucky to have met me because most Americans have a very basic and plain understanding of English, but I will teach her eloquent, poetic, and useful words.
--I ask her to teach me a couple words in Russian. I attempt to pronounce them, which is a chance for her to DHV. I seriously think I am pronouncing it exactly, but she insists on correcting me five or six times before giving up.
--She says that she likes my laugh. I thank her as I think that is about the best compliment anyone could get. I talk about laughter being in the moment and how there are laughter coaches in America.
--She says that I am very affectionate and close. Most American men are not. She talks about watching couples and how the man walks so far ahead and never talks to his girl. So sad.
--I ask her favorite movie, favorite actress, thoughts on American music, common shit. I tell her that I have to see this movie that she is describing and I ask her if she has it. She does!

So we reach the end of the boardwalk where you can see the lighthouse. In the distance. You are still quite far from visiting the lighthouse. She says, “You came to Atlantic City to see this?” It looked so small with the high-rise hotels behind it. I laugh and tell her that I am going to get her and I tickle her and spin her around. We watch the last rays of sunlight descend over the casinos. I lead her to this little building on the beach to block the wind.

She refuses like my first four kiss attempts. Not verbally, but by turning her head. Cool. We talk about things. We laugh. We exchange little massages. I kiss her neck and arms and cheeks. We’re finally fall into the first kiss very sensually. Break away and each kiss is exponentially more intense. Very nice.

I tell her that I am going to spank her. She says, “What is this?” So I show her. The foreplay is escalating and I’m thinking about how to get her back to her place. It’s so damn cold with the wind. And if she has her own place, it is so ON for the rest of the night. Better to let the anticipation build.

So I take her hand and we start heading back. Great conversation and the vibe is even stronger than before. She says that she wants some coffee, which I was actually willing to buy her, but, much to my continued fortune, the coffee shop that she knew about was closed. I stop her and kiss her along the way a couple times. We get a “get a room” comment which is always fun. Buying temperature dips when I spend several minutes looking for my vehicle in the parking deck. But we finally find it. I give her some CDs to look through and she tells me the directions as we drive and talk.

Her place is really tiny but otherwise not bad. I find a small stack of CDs on her table and ask to hear some of the music. She has no CD player. I say, hold on and I go get my computer. We play this CD and I rip the tracks for massive social proof in the future. She sings along and translates parts.

I ask her to show me some pictures and we look at postcards that she has from Russia and Belarus. We look at a book on Belarus and I ask questions like a ten year old schoolboy looking at his first National Geographic. These churches and monuments look incredible.

I ask if she has candles. Nope. I turn off the light and keep the computer that is playing the CD open for mood light. I’m tickling her and such. We make out. Things progress slowly and passionately. LMR consisted of physical blocking. Two steps back, one forward, and nothing needed to be verbalized. She was quite sexually responsive and I gave her a full repertoire of positions.

After we made love, we showered. (Yes!) Then we watched this movie: The Barber of Siberia. It was painfully long. I fell asleep. Then we made love again. Then slept. Then went at it one more time in the morning. Amazing and passionate each time. Love life.

Her email:

Hi, my sexy boy. I’m gonna kill you if you try to tell about me with your friends. Don't do it. It’s bad, you know. So, if you think that I was easy for you, I want you to know: Russian girls never answer No. It is our desire. Can’t say correct words. You can. Ya lublu tebya. Take care. Always yours. Kiss you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

FR: Jersey Shore: Let the Good Times Roll

Jersey Shore Stories:

6/28 Ocean City: Man, I have to get to Atlantic City. Tonight. I have to be around adults. This city is so PG-13. It’s a dry city, you know? No alcohol, no vices. It’s cool that there are a lot of people--families--so there is an intense energy and lots of positive vacation energy in the air. But it’s like, well check this out, I stroll the streets and these girls give me looks, you know? Like real flirty “come talk to me” looks. And you know me, I’m so full of life and vibrant and open, I’ll talk to anyone. Just to share stories. It’s even better if they’re cute. And these girl are really cute, but also, really…young. Like, I know you want me to talk to you, you want to get to know me, but you’re like fifteen! And your dad is right behind you. Don’t give me that look! And sometimes you can’t tell. I keep forgetting that girls develop sooner than guys. So these girls that are eying me, they look, uh, of age at first, then I see the guys they are with and they look so young and hopeless. Wait a sec, how old are you? Good, good, you’re safe. So, where should we go in Atlantic City? Where do we grown-ups hang out?

6/28 Atlantic City: I roll into town and I find this place called the Quarter. People I met in OC recommended it as the best place to meet, you know, positive and creative people. So I just go into this casino and I immediately see this stunningly gorgeous girl. Incredible body, wearing a tight pink dress. Long blonde gorgeous hair. She’s like thirty feet ahead of me and moving quick. Everyone she passes does a double take. That beautiful. But no one stops to talk to her. You know me; my curiosity gets the best of me. If something catches my eye, I have to know more. Like, I’d be kicking myself all day if I let an opportunity slip by where I didn’t at least take a chance to see what she had going for her besides her looks. So anyway, I catch up with her and I say, ‘Hey, you look like someone I’d like to meet. I’ve only been in this city for about a minute, where are you headed?’ But it’s really cool because she’s really responsive and like we’re instantly comfortable with each other. Like we’re standing there talking and rapport feels so natural. She tells me that she is going to this other casino to play craps and I should follow her. I don’t know anything about gambling, so I entice her to teach me. But I tell her I don‘t chase women but maybe I would swing by later and find her. Well, I want to check out the city anyway, so about two hours later I go into the casino that she told me to come to. And there she is. At the bar. She’s talking to these two older dudes. I felt like we had such comfort together, I just came up from behind and gave her a squeeze on the shoulders and asked if she had any luck playing craps. She’s all like, glad you came by and let me go teach you to gamble. We go to the table and I’m like, cool what do we do? She says I need money, you know I need this much money to buy chips. I’m thinking wait a sec, weren’t you here to play? Can you buy one round to teach me? And she completely turns. Sour. Gives me this dirty look. She says, “Baby, I’m at work here. And if you don’t have money, I don’t have any reason to talk to you. I’m going back to the bar where I have clients that have money and are not here to waste my time.” I’m just like whoa---I’ve found a working girl! I had no idea this shit was in Atlantic City. I’ve been to Vegas, so I know about it out there. But I thought Atlantic City was a little more tame, a little less, uh, sinful. Nevada is so beautiful though. You ever been to Vegas?

6/30 Long Beach Island: I’m hanging out with these surfers that I just met. I’m just asking them about surfing and telling them about me and what I do. Took a couple cool pictures of them riding the waves. See I had no idea Jersey was such a surfing hotspot. And they’re telling me that once you have the basics you really want to come to a place like Jersey. It’s a challenge. The waves are unpredictable. So, we’re talking and bonding and we end up hanging out all day. We cook up this chicken dinner and salad and we’re having beers and playing Scrabble and telling stories. They give me a tour of the island and we climb the lighthouse for spectacular views. You can look out over this dense fog and see this far off mast sticking out of the dunes from a ship that wrecked like 300 years ago. The ocean has extended the shoreline and covered the ship, so all that’s there is this ghostly mast. Really cool. Then we go to this nightclub. It’s like the only place on the island. And there’s all these himbos there. You know, like these ultra-buff meatheads that are so into their looks—really conscious of what they wear and how they appear to others. Like they have this perfectly spiked hair with blonde streaks and such. You know, to compensate for the fact that they really have noting to say; they have trouble relating to women and carrying a conversation. It’s like they have more in common with your beer bottle than with you. Yeah, they are both empty from the neck up. I swear there was this one guy that had on makeup. No shit, like eyeliner or something. So there’s me and my buddies, the surfers, and we’re just chilling out and laid back. But also social and talkative, you know? So we’re just like, ‘How are you? How was your day?’ And we’re getting all this attention. And the himbos are getting kinda pissed. They’ve been holding up the walls all night just hoping for someone to notice them and how they look. But it’s really not about that, it’s about how we connect and relate to one another and how you and I can communicate. That’s why I study interpersonal philosophy. So, have you ever been surfing?

Monday, June 27, 2005

FR: Baltimore: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Good hanging with Andy, Eric K, and Tarun in Baltimore this past weekend. Some advice:

6/26. Next time you go home with a drunk cokehead that you meet in a Goth club on a Sunday night, take her obsessive profanity, red nostrils, and the fact that she is calling EVERYONE in this little black book at 230AM looking for or a hookup as a sign that trouble is in store. And after you’ve showered and you’re wearing her bathrobe lounging in her bed and you find her pilfering through your jeans, don’t even bother politely asking for the $3 back that she has taken and crumbled up attempting to conceal in her hand. You probably won’t want to mention anything about the prescription drugs in the bathroom either. Because what will happen is that she will SNAP and start punching and pushing and throwing stiletto shoes at you in a sudden burst of rage, animosity and misdirected hostility. You’ll leave quickly.

6/25. And next time you meet a stunning redhead vegetarian wearing a purple satin dress in a piano bar that claims to determine whom she likes and hates based solely on blood type and calls your bud an alien-mutant-enemy because of his blood type and that the answer to everything in life is “red,” don’t even think for a second that this is a good thing. Just ignore how strangely you seem to *match* in every way (because of the blood type, remember), and no mater how amazingly she kisses, and how she throws contact info at you because she is “afraid she will never see you again,” realize that she will still FLAKE after you’ve parted for one and a half hours (to take her friend home) and agreed to meet at the top of Federal Hill to watch the sunrise at 5:27AM (a compromise, of course). Don’t even bother calling her the next day because she will be rather cold and distant and you will indeed never see her again.

6/27. And next time you think you’ll just get off I-95 and find highway 40 in Havre de Grace in hopes of avoiding the I-95 toll over the Susquehanna River, think twice. And when you find out that the highway 40 toll is $5, and you’re thinking that, well, the I-95 toll must be cheaper since it is the main thoroughfare, don’t sweat it, because when you get back up there, you’ll kick yourself when you find out that the I-95 toll is $5 too. Don’t make comparisons to the 25 and 50 cent tolls you’ve encountered elsewhere, just pay the five bucks and anticipate many more expensive tolls up the road.

Friday, June 24, 2005

LR: Annapolis: Threesome on the Dock of the Bay

6/23 I’d had a great drive from VA and I made stops at two historic sites including the birthplace of George Washington. I drove into Annapolis feeling this amazing energy. The sun was setting. I got a parking space with no problem and didn’t even have to pay to park. People were milling about the harbor area. I got a couple shots of the state house and swung into a few t-shirt and souvenir shops.

“I’ve already been in here, haven’t I?” I remark on my second visit. I wanted to see if the devastatingly cute sales girl had noticed me before. She’d been busy with customers, so I left and came back.

HB: “Uh, yeah, I think I saw you earlier.”
GS: “Well…I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it might mean.”
HB: “What’s that?”
GS: “That I’ve seen it all…I’ve seen all your city has to offer: Souvenir shops and a statue of Alex Haley.”
HB: “Well it is a little town. Did you go see the capitol?

She’s engaged. We chat. I tell her that I want to see where the creative and fascinating and offbeat locals hang out. Not the tourist traps and the expensive restaurants. I tell her about the other sites that I had seen that day. I make fun of a couple of items in the store. Like the crab claw lighter. And the rubber bracelets that say “courage” and “love” and the like.

She tells me a bit about Naptown. We share laughs. I entice her to be my tour guide. I came back when she closed the store. We walk to what is more of an arts district and we go to a coffee-bar. She’s got a curfew. Damn. 19 and lives at home. We hold hands as we walk back and we kiss. Nice kiss, right there in front of my wheel estate. We plan a vague date to steal a boat and tour the Chesapeake the next day.

I’m realizing that a simple daytime insta-date is about as reliable as a nightgame make-out in a club. If I can’t close because of logistics or whatever, the possibility of seeing her another day is pretty rare. So I move on. I visit a couple dead bars.

Then I see THEM. Across the street. Sitting on a bench with space between them. The brunette is on her phone. The blonde is, well, there too. Let’s go have some fun…

I cross the street beyond where they are sitting and walk up toward them. I look at the blonde as I am passing and stick my tongue out at her. Without noting a reaction, I swing in and sit right between them.

“So…what’s there to do in Annapolis tonight? Where’s the happening hotspot--the hangout of the hip?” One girl is on the phone, so my question is directed more toward the other girl. They give each other “do you know him?’ looks. I keep talking.

Tonight I’ve got threads about the first two places I visited. It’s a similar approach as to when I was in DC and the first club I went in turned out to be a strip-club and the second place I went to turned out to be a lesbian club. Well, tonight, the first place I went turned out to be a “Members Only” private affair and the second place was a frat-boy cock-fest and clearly I forgot my pink polo. It’s a hit with this two set. Shit, let me try to spell one out….

Man, you won’t believe this. See that place down there…yeah the one across the harbor with all the people. So I roll into your town and I’m feeling great. See, I’m the kind of person who is just social. You know, I’m energetic and open and I like to meet new people. I have no agenda. I like to share stories, you know? So I see all these people down there, and I figure that is the place to be. They say nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. So I go in and I’m just kinda getting a feel for the place. And I notice that like everyone is staring at me. And whispering. But not the good kind of whispering, like “He’s cute…Stay back, he’s mine!” It’s more like, “Uh…who invited this guy.” Then this guy comes up to me and he says, “hey buddy, let me show you something.” I’m thinking, shit, what did I do? And he takes me to the door and points to this sign that says “Members Only” and then he just says, “Bye.” I’m like, WTF, what is this shit, Members Only? How does he know I’m not a member? Where I’m from there’s NO members only clubs. Unless it’s a swingers club—but that’s a different story. Hey, now that I think about it….maybe it was a swingers club…you’re not a member are you?

So then I go to this other place. The one over there with the neon. Yeah, so this place turns out to be a complete frat-boy cock-fest. Actually, you two should go over there. You’d be the only girls in the place and these guys would buy you drinks all night. It’d be great as long as they didn’t speak. Now I see why girls believe in love at first sight, because once guys like these open their mouths—it’s all over. Anyway, I’ve perfected my Annapolis look. I’m going to come out with a pink polo shirt and a sweater across my shoulders… holding a beer in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. Then I’d fit in…

So the blonde is laughing and asking me the “where are you from” type questions. Toward the brunette who’s still on the phone, I say, as if I am her: “Uh, honey, I have to tell you—it’s over. I met this guy who’s fascinating and intriguing and captivating and amazing…. in bed. Sorry to have to break up like this, but I can’t keep it a secret any longer.”

Well, the girls laugh and the brunette tells me that she is talking to a girl and she wants me to talk to her. Okay sure. I should have run with lesbian talk, but instead I said something like. “Where are you? Tonight is the most happening night ever! It’s like Mardi Gras down here! Come meet us. BTW, you’re friend is being really forward with me. I really don’t mind, but let her know that I’m really not that easy.”

Anyway, this girl was in NY. I give the phone back to the brunette and talk to the blond. Here’s another thread:

You know how all these people are wearing these silly rubber bracelets that say “strength” and “courage” and stuff? At first I thought they were really cheesy, but then I thought maybe it’s a good idea. I mean, it could help you screen for the kind of people you really would like to meet. So you wouldn’t waste too much time with the wrong people--you just look at their bracelets. It’s like a list of their best qualities. So for me, I would look for one that say, um…Adventurous, spontaneous, sexy, smart, uh…rich. What would your bracelets say…besides feisty?

Look at the artistry there. We talked about her qualities and how you would have to earn them and prove that you exhibit such qualities. We chatted some more and introductions were in there somewhere. The brunette finally ends her call. In festive and energetic tone, I slap both of their legs (in jeans) and I say:

GS: “So where are we going now? It’s so exciting to have two cute tour guides… Show me that one spot that is just so tranquil and serene that no tourist could possible know about it.”
HB: “Um, we could take you under the bridge.”
GS: “What, are we going to meet homeless people?”
HB: (laughing) “No, it’s like a park where you can see all of the city and the harbor. It’s like a teenage make-out place.”
GS: “Cool. I’d love to check it out. But my clothes are staying on.”

It is now midnight and I’ve been talking with these girls for ten minutes tops. So we go to the brunette’s car. I ride in the backseat. She apologized for the mess saying that she wasn’t expecting company. I say, “It’s cool. It will give me something to pilfer through.” So, on the ride, I make fun of some of the stuff I find in the backseat. Including a to-go box that she *swore* was from the same day. Found an Italian text book and quizzed her. Which was more of a chance for them to laugh at my inability to pronounce the words. Found out they were both music (voice) majors at a college on the MD side of DC. Though they had both lived in Annapolis most of their lives and are home for the summer. And they are best friends. The blonde is 21 and the brunette is 20.

We first went to this park/pier with a view of the Naval Academy. I’m still in social-fun mode. Lots of joking around. Then we went to this war memorial and things got a little heated. First we were talking about the couples making out. And how we were going to capitalize on the place and charge people for make-out space and charge other people fees to watch. The blonde is walking ahead of us and I’m looking more exclusive with the brunette. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but there is definitely sexual tension building with the brunette. The blonde senses this and appears to give us space. There are also a couple times throughout the night when I wonder off to give them time to talk and perhaps decide what they are going to do with me. There is no kino at this point.

Actually, I had a fun idea to introduce touch. I said, “Hey, I’m going to close my eyes, and you trace my hand over these letters and I’ll see if I can determine what it says.” I’m refereeing to some engraved words at the memorial. So the brunette takes my hand so lightly (if you think about it, you do not need to be guided to feel an engraving) and traces a letter with my finger. It is actually kind of challenging because the letters are not very big and not carved very deep. So I do the same with the brunette and then the blonde. I say it remind me of something else. And I finger-write a letter on her back and have her guess what it is. This leads to some light massaging of her shoulders. The brunette looks a little miffed for a second, but keeps smiling at us. She tells us to lay down to look at the stars.

We all lay down and I just let them tell me about their friends and there is some sex talk. For example, the blonde has had sex at the park we were just at. But nothing really explicit and I give no sex stories of my own and they don’t ask for any. The brunette says, “Where else can we go. This is fun. I’ve lived here for so long and I’ve never actually stopped here.” The blonde says, “Yeah it takes some strange guy from Atlanta to show us our own city.” We laugh. I say, “I wish I had this map that I picked up earlier, and then we could find this place to view the lighthouse.” They insist that we go back to my van and get the map. And we do so.

The map is one of those cartooney things and is of little help. We never find the lighthouse. But we do end up at another pier on the beach and we lay out and watch the stars and chat. The brunette and I see the same shooting star. I’m walking between then and holding both of their hands at one point. Then I find this unlocked storage shed with a big-ass wagon in it. So we pull each other around in this wagon for some good laughs. The brunette, who is the most outspoken of the three of us (remember I’m just being chill about all this) says that it would be even more fun if we were drinking. They tell me about some drunken adventures that they’d had together. The blonde says that she has this bottle of vodka at home. Hmmm…

So the situation is that the brunette lives with her parents. The blonde lives with a guy roommate. I live in a van. Haha. We ride to the blonde’s place and I am giving them both simultaneous head massages from the back seat. There is NO conversation. Pretty intense. The brunette (driving) keeps glancing at me in the rear-view. I pretend to not notice and actually keep looking out the windows.

We arrive at the blonde’s house and she runs in to get the alcohol. I was close to kissing the brunette, but I decide to let the tension build even longer. I told her that she owed me $20 for the massage and that the speed-bump-sensations were of no extra charge. She says, “We should call it even for me giving you such a wonderful tour of the city.” The blonde comes out with a full bottle of vodka. She tells us that her roommate was up and asked her if she wanted to play video games, she’s like, “Uh…I’m still out.” Good times.

So she tells us that we are going to go to her favorite place. Another boat dock. This is the fourth place we’ve visited since I’ve met them. It’s about 3:30 by now. We’re all just being pretty calm and relaxed and I don’t think any of us really had expectations about where this was going.

But alcohol is here now. And, shit, if that doesn’t change everything. I just let them continue with their stories about drunkenness, parties, and boyfriends. I’m just laughing and encouraging the stories with questions. I’m more verbally encouraging with the blonde to compensate for the enhanced physicality that has developed between me and the brunette. I really don’t know what’s going to happen, but clearly the brunette could be fucked. But I really don’t know if that will be possible with her friend there. The blonde and I are laying across the brunette’s stomach. Such that the tops of our heads meet. I reach over my head and rub the blonde’s head. She’s never rejected my touch, but she does not apply touch (like the brunette does). In retrospect, it almost makes sense—the brunette and I have coupled, so she doesn’t want to advance on her best friend’s man. But my touches could certainly be accepted.

Did I mention the alcohol? So we’re taking “gulps” of vodka since we had no shot glass. The raspberry shit with no chaser. I match with the blonde that we are rum drinkers and tea drinkers. While the brunette is a vodka and cola girl. I’m really not much of a drinker at all. We’re sitting up now, all very close. We’re getting giddy and laughing about stupid shit. Very close. The blonde turns to get the bottle for what would be my sixth gulp and says something; when she turns back around the brunette and I are kissing.
Passionate heavy kissing--the kind that’s had from letting the sexual tension build for like four hours.

Well…the blonde is still with us, stunned and watching. So, naturally, I break from the brunette and grab the blond behind her head and slowly pull her in and kiss me. I escalate between the two with prolonged kisses and necking and fondling. I pull the brunette down so that we’re lying on the dock kissing heavily. The blonde starts rubbing my cock through my pants.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay with this and you won’t regret it in the morning,” the brunette says to her friend. “Yeah I’ll be OK.” No one asked me if I was okay. So sad. Green light for me to lead.

This was amazing. It’s not as difficult as you might think to please two girls at once. Basically whenever I progressed with one, I would actually be devoting more intimate attention to the other. Like when my hand was down one girl’s pants finger-fucking her, I was rubbing the other girl’s breasts with my other hand and kissing her in wonderful ways.

I was always one step ahead with the brunette to reward her alpha-behavior. While I am first penetrating her, she has all my attention looking deep in her eyes with lots of kissing. Once we are steadily fucking, I turn my upper-body attention more toward her friend. After the brunette came, I pulled out of her and fucked the blonde until she came. Still kissing and caressing and fingering the brunette. Then I pull out of her friend and she sucks my dick a bit then I’m back in the brunette. “We sure do get into some strange situation together” she commented to her friend during the act.

Well, the sun hadn’t officially risen, but there was now enough daylight for anyone to see what was going on. The blonde became self aware and I’m still fucking her friend. Keep in mind that we have no pillow or blankets, just raw fucking on the dock. We hear a boat take off and realize that this guy had to have been watching us as he undocked. She puts her clothes on and heads toward the car. She’s giggly and giddy and unashamed, but done. The brunette and I say “fuck it” and I plow her doggy style with some perverted fisherman lingering around the marina.

Some kids show up to go crabbing from the pier. We’re all cracking up and set to leave. The blonde has to work at 8AM. Turns out, this was the first threesome for them both. They wanted to know how often this happens in my travels. Never once did they kiss or sensually touch each other. Goddamn this was hot having them both laying beside each other and fucking them missionary, taking my dick from one to the other. It’s so incredible to fuck one girl while fingering and kissing a different girl. Love life.


Epilogue: After we dropped off the blonde, the brunette and I set off and finally found the lighthouse which is a mile off shore, but viewed from a particular park. We slept on the grass in the park for a couple hours. Another surprise was that I hadn’t been ticketed when I finally got to my van at 11AM. We moved the van, had sex in the van, and then she treated me to lunch and a movie. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a decent movie, though it seemed a bit long—at least for someone who hadn’t slept and was still thinking about his early-morning threesome on a dock of the Chesapeake Bay.


I am glad you had a good time, I know I did. I would like to thank you for your openness and kindness. I enjoyed Annapolis from a very different perspective and enjoyed every moment of it. Very rarely do I meet people that I like so much from the start and your kindness and tenderness is not something that I am used to, so I thank you for that. I can't decide if I wish you were here or I was there, I'm sure either way we'd have a great time. Well, I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying your travels.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

OR: Atlanta: Hanging with a Playette

SAT 6/18. Went out with Joey, Sid and Liz in Atlanta. Liz (aka Kittywoman) had this to say:

The four of us met at Starbucks prior to hitting the streets. Good idea, since we had never met (well, they all knew each other, but hadn't met me). It gave us the opportunity to discuss what everyone's goals were for the evening. (Other than booty for boys of course, ha!)

I had no personal goals (had all the FB I could (or should) get over the last week.) So, my goal was to work on my Wing technique (all right, AND shake my ass, drink some whiskey and have a good time...) Current sticking points, *suppressing my natural dominance * knowing when to pop in, when to back out * figuring out how to make the PUA look as good as possible without looking like his girlfriend or some shit that would blow it for him *any other baddies and/or goodies the guys noticed. Did my best to let everybody know to be totally harsh w/critique at the time or in review. Like the rest of you, I'll never get any better if coddled and I don't take any of it personally and get girly n shit... I will rarely critique really myself here, I'm VERY interested in your perspective.

Originally Sid had wanted to go to some places in Buckhead. GoneSavage excepted since he's not local (actually I never figured out if you were local and traveling, or what... nice mystery. ha!) but my first comment would be that ya'll should really know your "terrain". Which is gonna mean either *working cover charges on the weekends or *checking out some of the Atlanta hot spots during the week when there is no cover just to get to know 'em. You'll also get to know firm pre-cover times. Personally, I think that Midtown would be much easier for sarging than Buckhead, unless you like black chicks, and maybe u do which is cool.

Anyways, since it was close, we went first to Shout. Lots of HBs (I thought) but maybe a slightly older crowd. Some looked like they had pretty tight assholes tho...My observations: GoneSavage did plenty of opening and I only broke into one. I think he did a good job of nonverbally letting me know what my role was (the arm around the waist helped) and I hope I picked up correctly. (The Swedish chick was the hottest I talked to all night by the way). From there, we went to Leopard Lounge, and I think did a fine job in a combined effort at "working the door" and saving some cash! Ha! Good start!! Ran into some girls that GoneSavage already knew. He made a comment about me talking to them, so I did-- and did my best at making him seem even more interesting, cuz I assumed that's what he had in mind.

GoneSavage-- thanks for letting me know directly that what I could do most. For Sid and Joey it was to push them into sets. I did a couple times, and would have done so more, but also wanted to have my own good time so went on about my business as well. SID- when you were talking to the girls at the bar, I had NO idea that you thought I could have helped and wanted me to come in. Just touch me and I've got it.

From there, to Sutra. I joined GoneSavage and the girls he knew from LLounge. Saw a cutie HB Dancing girl. GoneSavage- sorry the "are you a stripper" was a dud (my bad). Ha! Chick could pull that - I made the mistake of "Chick Frame"! Also... now that I think about it, wondering if I kept your girls on the dance floor too much? Not really where u needed 'em now was it? hmmmmm... but at least pulled many cock blocks. Silly afc's...

GoneSavage- LOTS of opening! Sweetttt... other than that I wasn't involved, so can't really say if there was escalation. But I will say, you have an excellent presence. You also don't seem intimidated at all by a not-bad-looking older woman with lots of experience! Your average afc chick probably stands no chance.. ha! --Kittywoman

Joey adds:
"The night just kinda withered and died for me, mostly for lack of targets... or rather, targets that weren't getting all giggly and flirty with that bastard GoneSavage guy.. it's okay. Don't cry for me. I went home and banged my LTR. (who, BTW, was befuddled when I told her that a chick was out with us tonight as a 'wingwoman'. "Why would a girl be interested in that? I'll never understand..." I just shrugged. I'm still being delicate with this girl as to telling her what all I actually DO when she's not around)."

I add:
Liz, thanks for taking the time to write this up. And thanks for showing me the "Midtown Scene." It seems more relaxed and more upscale and not so full of attention/validation-seeking teenage chicks. If I find myself back in ATL for any period of time I will concentrate on this crowd more than Buckhead.

Briefly, it was fun hanging with you and I can think of nothing you did to hinder a set. Your level of energy and frequency of interaction was fine by me. That said, I would really have to stop and think and come up with a structure for a "wingwoman" to truly be helpful in field, especially without 3Some intention. Maybe that is just me because I am fiercely independent and I realize that the game is played (orat least learned) ALONE.

But the social proof is always good and its nice to have someone interesting and attractive to turn to as a "decoy wing" or to just chat and connect. If I'm in ATL again (probably not until September) and we meet up again, I will definitely have come up with a wingwoman plan of action. Thanks again for hanging with us and showing me Midtown and helping me get in for free. ;) Too bad Sid's car got towed from Starbucks :(

The Four X-Factors of Success (PT notes)

These are notes from Psychology Today 6/05 “The Superpowers” article by Carlin Flora. The article explains the four “x-factors” that create a larger-than-life personality whose essence (beyond brains, talent, or beauty) make a person stand apart: Charisma, Chutzpah, Joie de Vivre, and Grace. This is completely relevant to the art and game of seduction. Enjoy.

Likened to magic and mysticism
Common in figures that inspire devotion
Brilliant communicators, verbally fluent, use rich imagery
Expressivity is the most visible trait
Underneath is someone sensitive, in-control, eloquent, visionary, and self-confident
Charismatic people never play small
We spot charisma in people within seconds of meeting them
A charismatic person acts as a bonding agent, allowing you to give in to togetherness You forget yourself in his company and climb into the palm of his hand
They have great synchrony, rapport, and unconsciously adjust posture or speech
Charismatic people get others to synchronize to them
They have a keen sense of timing, repetition, rhythm, and image
They play the crowd like improvisational jazz
Charisma can’t be taught, but it can be approximated by communication techniques that will ideally become second nature
Social proof: I better pay attention to him because these other people have
Examples in article: JFK, Tony Robbins, Oprah, MLK Jr, Steve Cohen

Putting an original perspective on things
Exhibiting brash outspokenness, outlandishness
Moving forward without worrying about offending, upsetting, or annoying
Being a bad-boy, making jaws drop, making people say “oh, the nerve”
Openly challenging conformist tendencies
Crossing social norms to purposefully challenge convention
Having originality and simplicity over a bedrock of intellect
Having an original idea and the insight to know it’s important
Having conviction, audacity, and drive when the world punches you in the nose
Being persistently audacious with a fearless temperament
Arrogantly taking advantage of social knowledge, at the risk of hurting others
Walking the line between productive shake-ups and naked aggression
Using natural boldness, gumption and being provocative to break boundaries
Chutzpah often creates contempt and jealousy
Examples in article: Craig Venter, Erin Brockovich, Judith Regan

Joie de Vivre
Having zeal paired with emotional responsiveness
Being charming, perky, encouraging, playful, exuberant, joyful, positive
Like windup dolls that never run down
Passionate explores who view their work as play
Social interaction is a positive reward for these people
Getting excited by the new and novel
Motivated to meet new people and connect with them
Exuberance spreads quickly and expands peoples sense of possibilities
Unbridled excitement and a gratefulness to just be alive
Envious people will trivialize joie de vivre
It is a mistake to believe that exuberant people haven’t seen the complexities of life
Examples in article: Angela Brown, Richard Simmons, Yo-Yo Ma

Having equanimity and fierce benevolence
Dignified, authoritative, but immune to the corruption that comes with power
Rarely overwhelmed by their own feelings or by discomfort
Wise, able to put people at ease, emphasizing shared interests
Poised, with impeccable timing, able to strike the right emotional chord
Introspective, able to cut to the heart of a problem, warm, compassionate
Open, tolerant, calm, composed, mindful, kind
Able to accept life’s inevitable slings and arrows
Supremely conscious of the correct way to uphold a public role
Ale to use their radiant presence to connect with the public
The quietest of the x-factors; rarely stirs up annoyance or suspicion
Examples in article: Nelson Mandela, Buddha, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Top 5 Truckin' Tunes

Phantom 309 – Red Sovine
CB Savage – Rod Hart
White Knight – T.H. Music Festival
Truck Driving Son of a Gun – Dave Dudley
Looking at the World thru a Windshield – Del Reeves

Developing TESTS for Screening Women

Here is a series of insights I have had recently. Of all the types of verbal threads we use in seduction (stories, routines, patterns, games, tests, jokes, etc), what is generally the best for SCREENING a chick? What’s best for giving her an opportunity to qualify herself to your high standards? To me the answer is obvious: TESTS.

I’m finding out more and more the importance of screening (or sometimes just pseudo-screening) women to determine if they have the qualities and behavioral characteristics that I’m looking for. Is she adventurous? Spontaneous? Sensual? Curious? Intelligent? Rich? Bi? Etc, etc.

I’m thinking the most efficient way to determine if a girl has these qualities, or at least to get some indicator of their precence, is through TESTS. I mean, who administers tests?

Authority figures and teachers. Both are gatekeepers that decide if you are eligible to gain admittance or acceptance to have or experience some kind of prize or reward. This could be the permission to drive, to attend a certain school, or advance toward a goal.

The way I see it, I’m an authority figure in a girl’s life. I’m attractive and dominant and selective. I also have the ability to teach her many things about the world and her role as a woman. The reward for her is of course my attention, affection, company, stories, kino, kisses, and sex.

I want to ask a girl a question and instead of just accepting her answer, I want her to know that there is a “right” and expected answer and my impression of her will be affected by her answer. Playfully, of course. Or to just say, okay, now I have to give you the XYZ test and run it. Some are verbal some involve touching.

So, what I want to do is run wild with this theory and develop fun tests that will screen for qualities that she should posses in order to receive the prizes that she desires (and has earned). That’s the pursuit for me right now is to develop effective and fun tests to use in my rap for the purpose of screening and building attraction and being a challenge.

Other insights:

1) I can think of three tests that I have encountered in this community and they all are money. The kiss test, the trust test, and the girlfriend test. I personally have amazing results with these. Search the archives if you don’t know.
2) We also talk about “shit-tests” as negative frames that girls present to us that we must pass. Guys pride themselves by knowing how to pass the test or ignore it. I see this as a frame that a PUA would want to reverse. I want to have structured and effective “shit tests” ready to present before she even thinks she has to test me.
3) We also talk about field testing material and tactics. Just a spin here is that we’d be testing tests. This term also shows the pervasiveness and importance of testing in general.
4) I’m also reminded of those popular little multiple choice tests that are in women’s magazines. Like, in this scenario, you are most likely to a,b,or c. I can see myself running a series like this. I’ll have to go find one of these magazines.
5) Some things I have found myself doing in set that are kind of like tests: If a song comes on that I actually like (so rare), I’ll say, “If you can name the band that sings this song, I’ll show you something really cool.” Or if a girl says she likes something that I also like, I say, “Cool. We have something in common. You get a point.”
6) The above example is not as effective as having an actual test with a desired answer because for all she knows I could be “pushing a match” and saying I like something that I don’t so we seem similar. Very AFC.
7) I’m also reminded of how gimmicks such as handwriting analysis can be used as screening mechanisms. Like when you say, “This is so cool. It’ll tell you things about yourself that your best friend probably doesn’t know. But best of all, it will let me know if you are someone I’d really like to get to know in the ways that count.” In that sense, HWA is a test, or a pseudo-test.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

LR: Virginia: Deer or Waterfalls?

6/15. What a day. What just happened was so intense and exciting I have to write it up NOW--mere minutes after it just happened.

I spent today sightseeing and hiking and spending time outdoors and taking pictures (see earlier blog post). Stuff that brings me pleasure that is not related to women or seduction. Of course, that doesn’t mean that my mind has not been somewhat occupied with women and seduction as I enjoyed these other activities. But I certainly have not spent any time today “picking up” or even socializing. I just did what I felt like doing.

Yet I just had sex. I can barely believe it. It seems like it “just happened.” I didn’t spend a whole day or even a night “in field.” (Well, I was actually in an actual FIELD for awhile.) This was practically the only person I talked to all day. Amazing. This was a true Lifestyle Lay. (Read earlier posts for more on the topic of the lifestyle I am cultivating.)

So I roll into Harrisonburg, VA after spending the day in Shenandoah National Park. I was thinking about what a great day I had and how it sucked that I couldn’t stay longer (and in fact couldn’t even tour the rest of the park) because I have to hit the Interstate.

It is 10PM exactly. I’m surprised that Harrisonburg is a sizeable city. I mean, they have a mall and (as I later found out) not one, but two, Super Wal-Marts. I see a large chain bookstore that closes at 11PM and decide that I will sit in the café for one hour and charge my batteries and sort the pictures from the day. I’m eager to see what shots turned out best.

I’m sitting there all sweaty (and smelly no doubt) in shorts and a t-shirt and hiking boots. Messy hair, as I had been wearing a hat all day. I sit there and transfer the pictures from the memory cards to the laptop.

Then SHE walks in. She breezes past me long enough for me to see her shoulder-length light-red hair and really nice breasts. No eye contact. Didn’t even get a good look at her face. She’s at the café counter ordering a drink. I turn and see her ass in tight jeans. Me likes.

So I think: You have to talk to her. Then I think, but you’re smelly and sweaty and dressed shabbily and BUSY and you’re leaving within the hour. Then I think, yeah but, you could be plowing that ass tonight. Then I think, goddamn, you think too much.

So I made a compromise with myself. I said, if she sits down in the café or otherwise stays in the store, I absolutely have to talk to her, if she gets her drink and walks out the door, well, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Well, she gets her drink and takes off to another part of the store. She had no interest in lingering around the café, where I was the only person to be seen. I wait a minute or so and go off to find her. I see her sitting with a magazine and I decide to walk past her to the bathroom.

There I decided to approach her with a neutral opener and ask her where something was. I also made it a point to avoid looking in the mirror. I figured that if I confirmed that I was dressed poorly or looked sweaty and worn, I would rationalize not approaching. But I made a pact with myself. It’s on.

I walk from her left in front of her where she is sitting and past her and pivot toward her and stop and say: “Hey…do you know if there is a Wal-Mart around here?”

She starts giving me directions by naming streets and I shake my head with a confused look and I say, “I don’t know streets, I’ve never been in this city before in my life.”

Well, she didn’t take the hook. Instead she gives more descriptive and detailed directions. I repeat them and then say, “Guess there’s not much to do around here since you’re in a bookstore on a Tuesday night.”

She says, “I love to read” and she turned her attention back to her magazine.

I say, “Cool. I have to go get back to my computer before some bookworm steals it.”

I go to the computer and I think, damn, she was not very warm. Well, I did the approach. Done. I tried. I go back to sorting the pictures. The photos are NICE. Soon I think, wouldn’t it be cool if someone were over here looking at them with me? That girl probably would like them, couldn’t hurt to ask here over.

Then I decided, you know what, I’m just going to pick up the computer and go to her! And that’s what I did. I put the computer in my bag without turning it off and walk up to where she’s sitting.

GS: Deer or waterfalls?
HB: What?
GS: Deer…or…waterfalls?
HB: Uh, waterfalls, I guess.
GS: Cool. I’m going to show you something amazing; these are the pictures I took today.

So I sit down, whip out the computer and start showing her the pictures. The waterfall pictures are before the deer, but of course I show her both. I tell a very brief version of the story that I typed up for the pervious post. She’s not giving me her full attention – still flipping through the magazine. Some of the deer pictures are really wonderful. Like cute fawn frolicking in a field of flowers. Another one of a doe liking the fawn’s ass.

I look at a few pictures, then engage her again, “look at this one.” She tells me that the place is a really common place to see deer. I tell her that I had fun and I tell her that I’VE never seen anything like this number of deer in Georgia. She asks what part of GA and relates a story of when she was in Atlanta and tells me that she used to go to school in Greenville, South Carolina. Now she is back home and has transferred to JMU (she’s 20).

GS: J…M…U…
HB: James Madison University
GS: You spoiled it! I was going to guess. I knew it had to be one of the eight Virginian presidents.
HB: Yeah, it’s a nice school. You should check it out.
GS: Like right now? Is there anything I’d be interested in… like a bell tower or a cool sculpture? I love to check out landmarks and public art.
HB: Uh…well, there is a statue of James Madison.
GS: Cool. We should go steal it and hold it for ransom. We’ll tie rope around it to pull it over with your car. Then stash it in the forest. When the authorities catch up with us, we’ll demand that they give you straight A’s. By that time, I’ll be long gone!
HB: Okay, because that’s the only way I’d get straight A’s!

As you can see, I was trying to structure a reason for her to spend time with me and show me something. Insta-date. Plus I was future projecting a silly adventure of us doing stuff together.

We talk a little more about Greenville and this city and how grocery stores are different in the south. I tell her a few quick stories and tell her that I plan to go to Natural Bridge the next day. She tells me that the drive is not bad and it is a beautiful place. I talk about how I hate driving straight through long distances because I’m a sucker for stopping to see the sights and meeting interesting people. Etc, etc.

So she gets up to leave and says, “Have fun at Wal-Mart. I actually need to go over there and get some make-up.” Hmm… I say, “Cool, I should just ride with you. So I don’t get lost. And you can show me the James Madison statue and the rest of your campus.”
She says “OK.” I say, “Hang on” and she waits while I shut down the computer.

It’s almost 11PM. We go outside the bookstore, and I say “hang on” again as I put the computer in the van. Just as I walk to the passenger side and she says, “Do you sleep in your van?” I think this is pretty bold of her to ask. She’s keen. I say, “Yeah. Allows me to be anywhere I want. It’s extremely convenient….and comfortable.”

We take off and she starts talking about how she has moved back home with her parents for the summer and how she hates it because they are nosy and like to know where she is at all times. She tells me how they got pissed when she first started staying at her boyfriends and she says “like that’s the ONLY place we could be having sex.” I ignore the sex thread and say that it is nice that her parents are protective and concerned. She should appreciate that. BTW, I don’t know her name—we have not introduced.

We do a little drive-thru tour of campus and I have her tell me things about the city, etc. She’s telling me that it’s basically a college party town. I ask about nightlife and talk a bit about nightlife in DC. She tells me about the restaurant she works at. When we get to Wal-Mart, I say, “What did you say you needed, make-up?” She says, “Yeah, I was looking at these fashion magazines and now I feel like I need new make-up.”

Hahaha! Anyway, I ignore the plea for beauty reassurance. And I don’t make a comment on the influence of pop culture playing on her insecurities. Instead, I tell her about how excited I was when our town got its first Wal-Mart Supercenter. And how they should have date-nights at Wal-Marts.

We go straight to the makeup section. I put on some lipstick. She laughs. I say I have to get a gallon of water and I’ll come back. That doesn’t take long. When I get back, she’s like, “you ready.” No makeup? “They don’t have what I’m looking for.” Chicks are fun. The indicators of interest are mounting. But it gets even better.

I buy the water and say, “Where to now?” She says, “I don’t know. I could show you where I work.” Cool. When whe get out of the car this time, she say, “By the way, I’m….” and I introduce myself and tell her that it is nice to meet her. Anyway, this place is a really upscale brew pub and she tells me they have really busy happy hours. They are closed now, but her coworkers are in there drinking. We go in and I tell her she is “one of those people who can’t stay away from their workplace, even on her day off.” Her rebuttal is to say that it doesn’t count because they are closed and we will only be there a minute. She gives me a tour and tells me about the job and I meet a couple people. Asks if I want a drink, but I really didn’t want get stuck there. I scan the menu and talk to a dude about how the brew thing works while she chats this chick.

I hear her telling this girl that she almost had a threesome with her boyfriend and his brother. But she didn’t because the brother was only fifteen. And she didn’t like that he was hitting on her by making fun of her. But she almost did it, “just to say she had.”

I said, “Hey you could have checked two things off your list at once. The brother scenario and the underage fantasy. That would have really lowered your Purity Test score.” They laugh. The other girl says that she has never had sex with brothers but she has had sex with best friends.

Who are these sex-crazed women? And why-oh-why didn’t I play up BOTH of these girls for a threesome?!? Damn, I let that one slip.

So my girl takes me next door to this place that is a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. I say that is becoming quite a trend. I dig it. It’s the only place open on a Tuesday night. There are about 8 people in there. Cool place with collages on every wall. She gets some mocha-thing which is her second coffee drink since we met. I led her to a corner that has a shit load of thrift store books and say, “You’ll like it here since you like to read.”

I pick up a book called “Thriving on Chaos.” I say this is just like me. Someone who quits his job, severs his social ties, and hits the road in search of life and adventure, thriving on chaos. I turn to a random page where a chapter is titled: “Creating A Climate That Encourages Spontaneous Initiative-Taking.” Whoa…how appropriate. I scanned the chapter and found out it was some dense business theory, but I love the title.

I say, “Did you notice the make-out corner.” There were two couples making out across the room. She says something about how she hates PDA. I agree and say, “I mean, show some decorum, all the lonely people in the world don’t want to see that.”

We talk a little about movies and music and hobbies. (I love girls that consider sleeping a hobby.) I tell her that we have to get her some adventure. I ask her what her life would be rated as a movie. She says R because of sex and language. I tell her that if she had said G or PG then I couldn’t continue to talk to her. She asks me in turn. I say R, but I offer no stories. Somehow she starts telling me about loosing her virginity by getting fucked on the floor while her best friend slept on the couch in the same room.

We are sitting on different chairs facing each other in a way that out legs are positioned at 90 degrees toward each other. She puts her legs across my knees and I act casual about it but then I look at her feet in her sandals and I say, “Man…someone’s got some dirty feet.” She takes her feet down and looks offended. I don’t apologize, but I say:

GS: “You don’t have esteem issues do you?”
HB: “Of course not, I have a healthy self-image. I love myself.”
GS: “Good… because I think you’re cute. And I want you to be comfortable with me liking you. That’s really why I came to talk to you at the bookstore.”
HB: “I figured as much.” (She smiles.)
GS: “Now, if we could just clean your feet, we might have something here.” (She laughs.)

So, I saw signs of a somewhat low or average self-esteem and I used that as an opportunity to give her the SOI that I felt she needed. Since I had approached her in an implicitly direct way and so far I’d been pretty tentative and cautious in showing interest, she seemed the type to need a little reassurance. I really like her ‘figured as much’ response.

She says come sit here and pats her chair. I say, “Do I get a back rub?” She asks, “Do I get one in return?” I say, “Sure. But I give intense massages, not weak back rubs.” I move in and she massages my shoulders and I say harder and she gets into it and I moan and sway just a bit. She says, “My turn” and I say not yet and I have her do me a little more.

We swap seats and I give her a pretty intense little massage. I tell her that she is so tense and she needs to get her BF to give her massages more often. I mention a couple threads like “massage is hypnosis for the body.” Intense. I also massage her scalp and I’m leaning in and breathing intensely on her neck. Smelling her hair and brushing my cheeks and nose against her. She turns her head and her body around and we kiss. Proceed to make-out and I pull back. I say, “You are driving me wild, but I am trying to be…good.” She pulls me in and we make out again. I remind her that I have a long drive and I should get going.

Now she is in full chase mode and she asks if she could come with me. I tell her that she would have to follow me in her car because I was not going to come back up that way. She thinks about it and says okay and that “maybe we could get a room at the lodge down there.” Maybe. We talk about what time we would have to get up to leave and I tell her that she should get home and get some sleep and not worry her parents.

So we drive back to the bookstore. I hop out of her car without saying goodbye, but without telling her that I’m going to show her anything either. I go to the passenger’s side of my van and get some water. She walks around and:

HB: “I want to see the inside of the van.”GS: “I don’t know--I wasn’t exactly expecting to give a tour today.”
HB: “Come on, I have to see where you sleep.”

So I open the side door and she just hops in! It is only possible to do this at this point because my bike was stolen in DC. Normally the bike would block the side and you’d have to enter the van from the front or the rear. So she just lays back on the pillows and the heap of clothes other stuff that we could have moved.

GS: “Well shit, you sure look comfortable.”
HB: “Mmmm…I want you so bad.”
GS: “That’s…nice…to know…but you’re going to have to beg for it.”

It was all pretty obscene from there. She’s giving me pretty good head and she says, “How do you want this to end.” I thought I was being remarkably clever when I said, “Baby, are you kidding? I *don’t* want this to end.” Then I started playing with her pussy to let her know that I would indeed be fucking her then and there. Love life.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just a Little Hike in VA

6/15. Today I was at Shenandoah National Park driving Skyline Drive. It’s this 105-mile road that follows the contours of the ridge with pullout scenic vistas every couple miles. So I’m stopping at all these viewpoints like it’s absolutely obligatory to stop at every one. Pretty soon I’m thinking, “These views are nice, but they all kind of looks the same. I’ve got to get off this road and take a hike.” So I found a trail to walk with the intent and expectation of seeing a waterfall. I mean, that’s why they blazed the trail. People wanted other people to see this amazing sight for themselves.

So I’m walking this trail and I start to think, “This trail is nice, but it all kind of looks the same. And where’s the waterfall? I’ve been walking forever.” So I decided to stop and sit.

Well I stopped moving and I tried to stop thinking. I sat down without expectation and I slowly began to notice things. Things I hadn’t paid any attention to before. Sounds. Smells. Flowers. Mosses. Ferns. Vines. Several species of fish in the water (including a brook trout about eight inches long). And a crawfish that emerged for just a second, peeking from his rock shelter. I notice many insects flying about. Butterflies. Fishflies. Dragonflies. And birds. I saw the coolest little yellow and gray bird chasing and flirting with each other. I sat here for several minutes. Just letting life exist. Just watching.

Finally I stood up and continued on to the waterfall feeling refreshed and renewed. I knew when I was nearing the waterfall because the sounds changed. There was of course the sound of heavily flowing water. But also the sound of people. When I got to the falls, there must have been twenty people. Teenagers. Old folks. People speaking foreign tongues. Most were waiting in line for a photo opportunity. But there was also a couple downstream loudly playing in the water. The smell of cigarette smoke was also overwhelmingly present.

So I climbed up on a nearby rock and watched. Most people took their photo and left. A few took off a shoe and cautiously dipped a toe into the cold water at the base of the waterfall. I sat and watched the people and the wildlife, realizing the differences between the two.

Soon my attention was drawn to something else. I noticed a scene where a red-spotted purple butterfly had landed on a rock a mere foot away from a brook trout in an adjacent pool. I thought, “What a sight this is to witness two amazing creatures right next to each other.” I started to wonder if the were even aware of each other. Then I wondered if any of these people would become aware of the scene if I kept intensely focused on it. So I stared at this fish and this butterfly as they did their respective mostly-motionless things, oblivious to each other. No one noticed what I was noticing right in front of us all.

Then I wondered, “Well, am I obligated to show anyone what I have noticed? Or is this serendipitous scene meant just for me?” Then I thought about the people who built the highway and the people that blazed the trail so I could have this moment. Shouldn’t I, in turn, show someone else?

And I did. I walk up to this Hispanic couple and their little girl nearest me. I say, “I just wanted to make sure you didn’t leave here without noticing something.” And I pointed toward the fish and the butterfly (that was now flying about, but still in the area). They showed their daughter who was delighted. They thanked me for pointing out the wildlife. I decided to start heading back up the hill.

As I had just started hiking up, I turned for one last look. Beautiful. Nature is truly wonderful and wondrous. I glance downward just in time to see this couple showing the trout and the butterfly to someone else. Good times. Love life.

Also, from the “Shenandoah Overlook” promotional paper, discovered after my experience:

“When the strongest force of water we experience in our daily lives is from the shower head or the garden hose, the power of unrestrained, wild water is thrilling. Millions of gallons of water coursing over a rocky edge, tumbling down, crashing into rocks and pools and bouncing sprays delight our senses."

“The power and grace of unfettered nature can be awe inspiring. At the base of any waterfall you can find people simply gazing, lost in contemplation. Some find the waterfall a symbol of self-renewal. Some are soothed by the rushing sound of water against rock.”

Sunday, June 12, 2005

NR: DC D7: Some TIME at the Smithsonian

6/12. So I’m at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History. Incredible place. I could spend days here. And realize that this is just one relatively small part of the Smithsonian Institute’s complex of museums. And then I get captivated by one relatively miniscule exhibit on TIME.

Whoa. TIME. This is the shit that I think about. It’s like a history of our perception and interpretation and measure of and control by TIME.

Like, think about this. Think about how long mankind existed without clocks and watches to regulate time. Our perception of time was based on the rising and setting of the sun, changing of seasons, phases of the moon, cycles of hunger and sleep, and the duration of events. Clocks, and their predecessor the sundial, are medieval European inventions. But our global obsession with time is principally an American fixation.

The economy of America was based on merchant trading in the Atlantic. Economic success depended on timely exchange. Time soon came to be seen as not only God’s order for the universe, but as a basis for profitable business. America produced millions of watches and the most precise clocks. American watchmakers redesigned watches so that they could be assembled from interchangeable parts with special machines by unskilled laborers. Even the Swiss—the previous top watch makers—began to adopt American factory-based watch-making methods.

It was the Industrial Revolution that transformed the making of clocks from a craft into a factory-based industry. Now everyone could afford a timepiece. People desired clocks as status symbols even when they could not tell time, or hadn’t the need to tell time. It was gradual that people began to tell time by “time of the clock” or “time o’clock.” As clocks became more affordable and more desired as status symbols, religions started adjusting routines and schedules to conform to clock time.

Soon people we expected to know the time – and we were held accountable for being on time. We began to sleep with clocks. We put watches on our wrists so we would know the time at every moment. Alarm clocks and wrist watches flourished in the 1870s and 1880s. Women wore watches as neck chains and brooches. Everyone had a “portable mechanized assistant for maintaining an irrational time discipline.” Time restricted personal behavior.

Well, in 1883 Americans came up with the idea of having TIME ZONES to create a “standard time.” And the next year the concept went worldwide. Yes, some countries refused to acknowledge standard time (at the time). The invention of the automobile and lights and telephones and moving pictures were INTELLECTUALIZING TIME and had us seeing that time is relative. We were constantly ORGANIZING TIME and we adopted the second to be the fundamental unit of time. All American ideals.

We also started EXPANDING TIME by introducing 24 hours restaurants and stores and thinking that “open all night” and reversed schedules (Rooster vs Owl) was the way to be progressive. But you have to realize that the human animal is diurnal—we are supposed to SLEEP when it gets dark. People with round-the-clock schedules risk chronic fatigue, ill health, and accidents.

Employers began to CONTROL TIME with master clocks, whistles, time stamps, time clocks, and the notion of “speedy efficiency.” Americans became obsessed with using time efficiently. Time is constantly divided up, measured out, and not to be wasted.

What’s worse, the incessant regimentation of the workplace and the spread of the fixed-hour workday heightened the distinction between labor and leisure. “It’s time for a drink” became the watchword of after-work in many urban and suburban communities. The cocktail hour--defined, ironically, in terms of the clock, and of limited duration—offers a ritual to mark the transition to leisure time.

Bet you never thought about this stuff, huh? So here’re some questions that the exhibit poses:

Do you have enough time?
Who controls your time?
What role does the clock play in your life?
Can you ignore the clock?
Why is the clock so important?
Is faster better?
Is patience a virtue?
When does time go by too fast?
What is your best time of day?
Are you ever out of synch?
How long is too long?

Of course SUN night I met up with Narcissisto and Alessandro and we hit the streets...not shit going on besides working girls and a random salsa party that we crashed.

FR: DC D6: Venezuelan Coffee Date

6/11. Sid and I did a bit of sightseeing and getting lost. Checked out Central Station and drove around the monuments. Toured the Washington National Cathedral. Sid then hit the road back to Atlanta.

I took a nap and then headed for Adams Morgan for some solo pick up artistry or maybe a dramatic crash and learn. The lack of parking in DC blows my mind. I drove all around this district and found nothing. I finally headed back to Georgetown and parked. Then I walked all the way to Adams Morgan. This was a 40 minute walk at a brisk pace.

When I first got to the outskirts of the AM district I approached a gorgeous woman who turned out to be Columbian. I actually began talking to her with what we call an “indirect” style. I simply said “Is this the way to Adams Morgan?” She said yeas and I began walking beside of her talking about how this is where people have told me to check out and the other impressions of DC threads found in the DC Day 2 and 3 posts. Then I’m asking her about where she is from and just flirting. The interaction was going well enough that I venue changed her (or rather I took her off the street into a venue). I asked her if she wanted to get a drink and she rifled through her purse and could not find her ID. Then she remembered that her husband had it. Sounds like a flake, but we went to a coffee shop and she bought me a drink there instead. We had lively conversation and she taught me some elementary Spanish (that I have already learned and forgotten, learned and forgotten, several times in my life). She is 24. I’ve got her laughing and I’m being really flirtatious and overt saying that we are going to have an intimate and passionate affair behind her husband’s back. No, no. I really don’t know where I could have taken this. But she was interested in something. She liked my company I guess. Maybe it is just a custom where she is from to buy a drink for a guy that shows interest in you, even if you have a husband. I’m really naïve about things. Then he gets off work and picks her up. We chat for a sec. Dude is really really good looking (muy guapo).

I go to Reef where we were last night. There were two sets of two that I had going for awhile (among other less memorable approaches). I fucked them up by being overly cocky and arrogant. It was mostly that I was coming off of the intense energy from the happenings of Thursday and Friday. I somehow felt unstoppable—but I wasn’t doing the necessary work. Plus I was overcompensating with aggressive attraction tactics having just come from a relaxed rapport-based interaction with the Columbian girl. But I could not get rapport in the bars because I was just being stupid and cocky and making really ugly mistakes. Like I was talking to this short redhead that I definitely would have entertained with my dick, and I quite unintentionally press like every low self esteem button she has. Like I was telling a stupid story about a midget, WTF? Then she was talking about her boyfriend. I’m like, “I bet he’s a great guy. He buys you flowers and chocolates and takes you on big trips.” On and on. And I say “I bet he’s ready to put a Diamondelle on your finger and he’s got one hot in the oven” and I poke her tummy. She’s all like, “are you saying I look pregnant?” Shit like that. Oh and I complemented her on her freckles or her crow’s feet or some other insecurity. Her friend thought it was pretty funny to see her reaction to my stupid shit and she was into me and buying me drinks. I fucked up my chance with her by constantly interacting with other chicks outside this set and trying to pull them into this set and not really paying attention to her. I think if I had shown her some genuine curiosity and made an attempt to get to know her, it may have gotten somewhere (depending, of course, on how pissed off her friend really was—she had stopped talking to me, but didn’t force her friend to stop.)

Also, my impressions of DC threads that I had worked all week to cultivate were falling apart. First, I’d been here six days and the freshness that conveyed the vulnerability and awkwardness of being in a new city was wearing off. Second, I was abbreviating the threads and not giving them the emotion and emphasis that made them powerful.

The other 2set I fucked up in a similar way. For example, the girl I wanted (hey, I picked a target for once) mentioned a “FB” when I said something about how she should not be so exclusive with her boyfriend. Like she said, “I have an FB on the side.” I start using terminology and shit and tell her that she is going to be my wingwoman. Then I’d chat someone else. Stupid ass shit. I actually get her and her friend to venue change and buy me a pizza slice. I let her take the lead on where to go since I don’t know the city. Meh… We end up at a horribly loud place. Like my ears are ringing and verbal communication is impossible. I tell her to take us somewhere else and we go to a karaoke place. They stay in the karaoke room and I try to open dead sets in other parts of the bar. Not feeling it. When I come back, the 2set that bought me pizza is gone. I call it a draw, think about Thursday and Friday, and actually start that tremendous walk before last call. It takes me nearly an hour to get back.

Friday, June 10, 2005

OR: DC D5: Learning Wing Etiquette

I met with Uncivil Warrior (Aaron) upon his invite. I also had an Aghora (Sid) tag along who was passing through DC and stopped to hang. So the three of us are at Reef and split apart to open sets.

I’m doing my thing and Aaron is doing his. He points out some other ASF guys and I meet them and they tell me they are going somewhere else and ask me to come along. Cool, let me find Aaron again and see what he is doing. So I find Aaron and he is in this 2set.

I do not open either girl. I go to Aaron simply to tell him that I have been invited to go somewhere else and to see if he wants to come. To me, this is social proof – he is not there alone and the girls see that we are part of a larger social circle or at least we run into people we know when we are out.

ANYWAY, Aaron’s girl talks to me without me saying anything to anyone but Aaron. Asks my name. We introduce and the other (yes, the cocky-sharp-alpha girl) starts talking to me. I’m in the set for like three sentences. I’m IGNORING Aaron’s target and I NEG the other girl (Where’s your off button?) who started making fun of my shirt and saying other smart-ass things. Aaron wants to stay there. His target actually says that they should go with me. The alpha girl reminds her that they just got beers, and I’m off with these other guys.

The second venue is $5. It is so RARE that I would ever pay money to socialize, but I was considering it. SO I first ask them to go in and report the crowd. I talk to girls on the street. The guys that just paid $5 come back and tell me that it is lame.

I head back to where Aaron is and there is an incredible line to get in. So I phone him to see how his set is going. He says great. I think, OK, then if they are into you, you should venue change them. I don’t know the city and I’d be happy to go anywhere that doesn’t have a line and a cover charge. AND, since I was here because of him, I didn’t want to split on the first set.

Lesson: When a guy invites me to hang, I will definitely from now on ask his “rules” and his plans and his goals and how we should interact. I think the guy that initiates the outing or the guy with home-turf advantage should state his rules and give the other PUA a chance to compromise if needed. Planning.

Well, Aaron gets them to venue change. Cool. We go across the street. This place has a $7 cover. I’m OUT. Seriously. The dominant and brash girl (note: she is not even considered a target at this point) says “I’ll pay for you, but you better make this up to me.” Like with a serious tone of disgust. The doorman says something like, “Yeah man, you owe her bigtime.” I’m like, “OK I’ll make you dinner.” She says, “You better not mean McDonald’s” and alludes to something that Aaron must have been saying in set. I’m like, “Hope you like Taco Bell.”

But here’s the thing. I hadn’t even realized at the time that this was a pretty big IOI for her to pay my cover. Right? I was actually thinking that her friend must really be into Aaron and she’s just keeping us together because she doesn’t know our driving situation and she is trying not to mess things up for her friend. (Although I will also say this—I had girls buying me drinks and pizza, etc all weekend in DC on their own insistence—this kind of forwardness has not been my experience in the south.)

SO, I check with Aaron to make sure his target is definitely the short girl and he says she is and it looks solid. Cool. We go upstairs and alpha-chick starts moving furniture around and I give her a hand. Aaron sits down with his girl beside him. Then SHE asks me to sit on the other side of her. Oh shit. I sit for a minute and she asks what I do and why I’m in town. I give her brief answers and I’m pretty aloof. I ask her nothing. Then I wander off.

I’m checking this place out and I actually had some seemingly solid interactions I was working in different parts of the place. When I roll back in I sit beside the “stuck up Jewish girl” (who is still not a target) and I listen in for a little bit as Sid is talking to her. She deflects everything he says and the poor guy gets little rapport. I say nothing, talk to Aaron for a bit, and leave to check my other sets.

The next time I return (20 minutes must have passed), the short girl starts talking to me again. I’m being really terse and I say, “Listen my friend is really into you. I think you two are good together and I have to give him space. What’s up with your friend?” She says, “Why, do you like her?” I smile, kind of cock my head, and say, “I haven’t decided yet.” And then this girl gives me a blatant SOI. She says, “I know Aaron likes me, but the problem is, I really like you.” I say, “Nah, you shouldn’t like me. I’m homeless. I sleep in a van. I’m ugly.” Etc, etc.

I left to find Aaron. I’m like, “Dude, how solid do you think this girl is?” Solid man, I got this. “You sure its so solid? Why don’t you get her number and we’ll go find other chicks?” No man, I got this; its on. “You sure bro, number close her, we can do better…” Just give me space man, I got this. OK. Since I knew that my wing’s target was not into him, I should have been more explicit in letting him know. Of course, the common reaction to this scenario is that I never should have entered his set. PERIOD.

So I work my short sets all over the venue. By the time I came back to this set. I sit beside the opinionated-dominant girl and basically call her and her friend on their behavior. I basically read her the Riot Act (with a smile). I say that her friend is just out for attention and validation and she is being way too flirty and she is totally misleading my friend. She says that it is true and she is always like that etc, etc.

Then I tell this girl that she is so vocal in her opinions and comes across with such a strong and feisty personality to mask greater insecurities and weaknesses that she sees in herself. Well, it would certainly be her to admonish me for such statements. Instead, she thinks for a minute and agrees. Instant rapport. She asks if I want a beer and I say sure. (Then I go off to another set.)

I come back and we have our drink and this girl is asking why I was so “cruel and mean” to her at the other venue: By which, she means giving her doses of exactly what she was giving other people. I tell her that she and I are more socially aware and savvy than most people. I remind her that she was condescending to Sid, who is shy and not so socially aware, like us, and that I did not like that she did that. You can spar with me all night, I can take it, but don’t pull that shit on my friend. She apologizes. I also tell her that we are too much alike and that we’ll always butt heads. She qualifies and tries to tell me that we’d get along, etc.

Alessandro calls. I had met this guy for one second earlier in the night. He wants me to come down. I tell him about Aaron and the girls and the beer. He wants me to come down for a minute just to meet him. OK.

What’s funny is that the girl that Aaron was still entertaining is like, “Who is your friend?” I want to meet him!...” Like she was trying to isolate me. Or chomping at the bit for me to isolate her. I said he was my “spiritual advisor” which to me is a throwaway line, but she seemed really intrigued. (Or maybe she was trying to isolate me, as previously noted.) I felt her eyes on me especially now as her friend and I were opening up to each other. Funny thing. At this point I honestly didn’t remember either of their names.

So I go to the balcony and BOTH girls follow me. I holler at Alessandro in the street and when they see him look up, they are both like, “Not that guy! You’re friends with him? I’m not going down there.” I had no idea how or when, but apparently they’d met before. And apparently he left a bad impression.

So I go down and greet. I think he actually pays to come in. But when I start to head back up, the girls are downstairs and the alpha-chick grabs me. I know what this is, so I kiss her. Pull back, kiss, pull back, kiss. I pullback with anti-club-PDA-defense and get her to tell me stories about her first grade kids. She’s got good stories.

The amusing thing is that during this time, I was completely oblivious to whatever rift was going on between Aaron and Alessandro over the other girl. None of them (Aaron, Alessandro, Sid, or the chick) were even in sight. Plus my attention was finally focused on this girl as she had earned it.

Naturally, I’m remembering the SOI from the other girl and I’m thinking threesome potential. I find out their living situation and test this girl for bisexual tendencies. They are there. And she sees where I am leading, but pulls herself out because this is her “best friend.” Ok, we’ll find someone else, I tell her. She insists that she alone is more than I can handle.

The other girl comes to find me and somehow I get isolated with her inside the bar. She says she can’t believe that I made out with her best friend after she told me that she liked me. I reminded her that I was looking out for Aaron and I wasn’t going to move in on his girl. She’s like, “But I’d still be your first choice, right?” I say I don’t know and I move in and kiss her slowly and passionately. I pull back and say, “You’re trouble.” We talk a bit and we have no idea where anyone else is. We finally find her friend and Sid outside. Aaron is apparently long gone, and I feel guilty, even though Alessandro is the one that “stole” the girl if anyone wants to see it as a steal.

I suggest we afterbar and I’m trying to code Sid to move in on shortie. I know he hadn’t a chance, but I’m trying to get her occupied while I reengage the girl that I made out with first. Anyway, alpha girl is trying to code the other to ask if she kissed me. The girl says nothing and she is all smiles. Finally the girl straight asks her and she says NO. I’m talking to Sid about something unrelated like I don’t know what’s going on. Then she asks me if we kissed and I say YES and I divert the attention off of me by whispering. “I bet she denied it, huh? That’s so like her, just soaking up attention and just having fun. But you’re different, you’re genuine and real. And a better kisser.” So she’s back in.

Then Alessandro rolls in and starts gaming the short girl. This is the first interaction I’ve seen of his. I’m thinking -- does this guy actually pull women? So he does his high-energy street twirls and shit and wants to take us to somewhere. That’s cool. But we have to take Sid. Of course he was telling me to ditch him in an uncool and blatant way.

But I’m way too nice. Turns out that Sid was, in all honesty, was the biggest hindrance in the end. It’s not worth mentioning in detail. But there come a point where you have to realize that you are not part of the interaction. You’re not a participant and it makes absolutely no sense to be an observer. We are all independent and self-reliant and we have to exercise our ability to walk away and not sabotage things for others. Sorry, bro.

So the short flirty girl that everyone was after tried to sabotage shit too. My dumb-ass was still trying to flirt with her too. Like if I couldn’t pull a threesome, I actually thought I would fuck the stuck-up Jew girl tonight and fuck the other girl on a day two. (Oh yeah, when the short flirty girl isolated me back at the club, we planned a day two. Haha.)

Anyway, you won’t believe what happened with her. All parties involved will surely kick themselves. It was actually my girl’s idea as she was getting damned pissed that we were still flirting with each other. Shifty bitches, man.

Get this: She sets her up with another guy on the street! Some tall muscular motherfucker wearing a tight t-shirt walking his dog. You’d think he was a fag (we all did). Anyway, in looks, this fag has us all beat to death. I guess he just walks his dog at closing time and all the horny bitches that get worked up by three ASFers just swoon over him. Fool’s mate.

Anyway, I contributed the above post as part of an ongoing and energetic thread about community cockblocking. My take on the night was not even the first in the thread. Briefly:

The next day, Aaron writes a reminder to Alessandro to not enter and intentionally blow a guy out of set and steal girls from him. Alessandro then writes a lengthy FR describing how I ended up with the two chicks. Some other guys chime in with the “wing rules” (new to me), the gist of which is:

GOLDEN RULE #1: join a set only if PUA1 invites you IN!
GOLDEN RULE #2: if you think you want to help read rule #1
A: if PUA1 is talking to a lone wolf, LEAVE HIM ALONE
B: if the PUA1 is talking to a 3 or more people, LEAVE HIM ALONE
C: in the event PUA1 is talking to a 2set AND UG is getting bored,then you have the option to go IN. If you decide to go IN, you canonly do it with: -enter and disregard the girls (they do not exist until PUA1introduces them to you). Disregard means no talking, no touching, nolooking at the girls. -greed your friend PUA1: "Hey, what's up?" -ask PUA1 a random question, example: "have you seen John?"

I submit the above post. Aaron commends me for providing “clarity and closure” and that he enjoyed meeting me and had no issue with me. Cool.

Next I got a small piece of advice. I should not have acted as a marketer for Aaron. That lowers his vale and my self-depreciation raised mine. Better to have said “"Ah, my buddy is such a flirt... you know he's just playing with you right? You're totally not his type." Cool, I see the psychology there. Lesson learned.

Alessandro sums the thread up with “I personally have a memory depth of about 12 hours as far as game is concerned. There is so much fish in the pond, it doesn't even make sense to fight over an empty tuna can. If you want a feel-good emotional support group, go ahead, find like-minded people in here and by all means feel good together, but don't bother me.”

But then EVERYONE else has an opinion. Some guys got a feel for my perspective on the interaction. Like how circumstances change and your thoughts and motives change as time progresses. And how a lot of what I do is kinda random and blissfully naïve (read other posts here).

Other guys gave me way too much credit as an experienced and skilled PUA—-in fact a manipulative and unethical and ruthless PUA. One who intentionally “tooled” Aaron and sabotaged his set and acted like a kid in a candy store.

But Ferrari’s initial analysis of my initial post really opened my eyes to some of the things that I did unintentionally to create such a strong attraction in the beginning. More importantly, he set me straight on how to consciously behave with a wing to not appear outrageous and unacceptable. I asked his approval to post his response.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

LR: DC D4: Freak on the Street

DC Day 4. First thing I did was type up the Day 3 post at the Holiday Inn in Ballston. But their wi-fi is a pay system, so I knew I’d have to delay the post until I found free wireless internet somewhere.

I parked at the Harris Teeter, because I can’t afford another $8 parking day. It’s a 24 hour store, very crowded when I left, so I figured I’d be okay. My intent was to bike downtown and cross the Roosevelt Bridge instead of the Key Bridge and end up near GW University instead of Georgetown. Once I got there, the Roosevelt Bridge just looked like an interstate ramp—it didn’t look safe for biking. After colliding with a taxi yesterday, I decided to just cross the Key Bridge and bike through Georgetown and over into another area.

Well, of course I see an amazing girl walking in Georgetown. So I park the bike and head after her. I walk up from behind (I guess this is my trademark) pace a couple steps beside her, check out her face (NICE this time). “Hey” (pause) “I know this is odd, but I couldn’t walk past without paying you a compliment…” (Pause--we’re still walking, but I slow down as I say) “There’s just something about your energy, the way you carry yourself… that I find very attractive.” I don’t really give time for it to be deflected and I introduce myself and when I hear the accent I immediately ask her where she if from. Uzbekistan. Great! I tell her about my Russian friends, etc. I should actually brush up on geography and *perhaps* learn a little Russian for strong social proof since it looks like soviet girls are becoming my type. Nah. I walk with her all the way to GW University, which is where I wanted to go, but I kinda wanted to BIKE there. Anyway, this girl has been in the US for 5 years and she does not work and she likes FUN and her English is a lot better than Belarus babe. The catch is, of course, she is married. I tried to work an in, but nah. Two fun things that I remember her saying: “American girls have no style. They think this shirt will go with this skirt. NO. It is horrible. You must look in the mirror.” And “You show me a US map and say ‘Texas’ and I will show you. You say ‘Uzbekistan’ to an average America and they say ‘what?? Pakistan?’” Good times.

BTW, I am wearing black pants, black shoes, and a black SS buttoned shirt with a single red horizontal stripe. And a black hat that I just got. It is a weird hat like a skull cap/toboggan but with a bill. I really want to wear a hat if I am doing street PU because I hate when my forehead gets sun-burnt. So I tried to find one a bit unusual. So I wander around the campus and that little mall place nearby. The approaches at the mall are less than memorable. Maybe because I was doing *opinion* openers based on the silly hat. Girls said they approved of the hat, but it was awkward for me to transition after that. Back on the street, and back to being more direct.

I quick-number closed this amazingly hot brunette going to a broadcasting class. I walk up from behind as she is walking and say, “Hold on” and I started zipping her backpack. “You almost spilled everywhere.” She says, “Thank you” with a genuine expression. I joke about the sweaty gym shorts she almost lost and I say, “Really, I thought you were cute and it was a good excuse to come talk to you. Are you nice?” She says, “Yes, are you nice? I guess you are because you helped me out.” I run my impressions of DC threads. I walk her to class as we chat and exchange numbers. I say, “If we get along on the phone, we’ll do something low-key like coffee.” She say, OK great!

By now it is like 5PM, I do a couple more approaches. Then I realized that I am drained for energy and I am actually becoming another one for these tired and worn folk with zombie faces. I remembered how upbeat and lively and full-of-energy I was three days ago. I sit and just watch for a bit. On the flip side, I also realize that this is the first day I have positively been feeling better from some kind of sickness (very little coughing today). It’s overcast again and I’m thinking another Monday storm is in store and I figure I have to start walking back towards Georgetown. Of course, I get lost.

Then I see HER. She’s across the street and walking the opposite direction. Hot brunette with her hair up, black shirt, long black boots, and a hot pink skirt. And big dangly beaded earrings (though I probably didn’t notice these until I was closer). I cross the street then head the direction she was walking.

“Hey…this is probably awkward, but I just had to tell you...I love your vibe…and your sense of style.” She says thank you and I introduce myself. Then I say, “What do you do? What’s your thing? Where are you going?” I don’t think rapid-fire questions are really solid game, but when she took the time to answer each before asking me anything, I had that sensation of really feeling I was IN. So I kept walking with her and we had great convo. I ran my impressions of DC threads and we talked about places we have traveled and interests and passions. Etc, etc. At some point she says, “Are you leading or am I? I need to go THAT way.” OK, have you eaten? “Yeah, but I could eat again.” Why don’t we just get a drink? OK. I find out she is 20. We go to Starbucks and I display my cheapskate side when I ask for an ice-water and when the cashier tells me that they only SELL water I’m like, oh, nevermind. She wants lemonade and is told they only have lemonade in bottles. I put my hand on her back and whisper, we should go somewhere else. I walk her to sit in the shelter of this tree. The sun has just gone down and it is raining lightly. BTW, this is in Dupont Circle which she tells me is GAY district. I talk about being aggressively hit on by a gay in Richmond and how I was just going to put up with him until he made a “statement of intent.” She laughed at the term. But I rubbed her shoulder and side to demonstrate how I got hit on. She said that was hardly aggressive. ;)

We continue walking. I’d definitely come back to this area to check it out. I found out her living situation and we’re just having lively conversation. I tell her about going on gem trails in the west to find garnets and turquoise and petrified wood and apache tears and such. She’s traveled a lot and tells me about her time in Cuba doing social research. BTW, she is half Puerto Rican and half white; very cute. I tell her about interpersonal philosophy and my tests that she probably couldn’t pass. “Little body language stuff that I made up to help me meet the kind of people that I really want to meet.” So I showed her the trust test and explained it afterwards. Then I showed her the hand holding test that I made up on the spot. Basically I had her interpret the different ways people can hold hands and pick a favorite. So we’re now walking fingers intertwined. I just hold her hand for a couple minutes to not seem clingy. She had told me earlier that she had to head home to let her dogs out. I’m trying to find a reason to get me there with her. Cooking was not the best route since she had just eaten. I did find out what she likes to cook. So I start talking about movies and find out what she has and what I have to see. We head off. Still having great conversation with some teasing. Great vibe. At one point she says how random this is and how she never gets approached. This is also a callback to earlier topics about people being aloof and standoffish or expecting something from people and people wearing headphones, etc.

At one point she asks my last name. I say, “I hope this is a genealogy thing, and not the part where you put my last name next to your first name and start imagining a future together. I’m not husband material; I’m not even boyfriend material.” Good times.

ANYWAY, we get lost. We walked through Adams Morgan which is the district many many people have been telling me to find. Gotta say, it looks HOT. It was 9PM at this point, on Thursday, and the streets were bumping already. She said that this scene is what Georgetown used to be like before the preppies took over. She told me more about the area and where she Salsa dances, etc. BUT…we were still two communities away, way up north of the zoo (can’t think of the name), and we’d been walking on streets that she’d never taken. At one point we realized (I do have a map) that we had walked like eight blocks the wrong way. I say, “Well, that was north, now let me show you south!” She apologizes for not knowing the area. I say, “I know your trick. First you get me tired and overcome with fatigue; then you take advantage of me. Well it’s not going to work.” She plays along and says, “What if I knock you unconscious.” Haha. Well, I’m on guard….

So it’s a long-ass trek and the conversation and vibe never dies. She’s very intelligent and witty and we have a wide rapport going. Finally we find her place. She reminds me that I have vehicles all across the district. There’s one little surprise at the house. Her roommate is out of town--she has already told me this (green light)--but when we get there, her roommate’s boyfriend is there in the living room. Meh… I got the impression that this guy cramped her style or made her uneasy or something.

So we hang out in the basement instead of her room. It’s quite a nice little house. First house I have been inside in DC anyway. I spend some time looking at books and photos and all the stuff in the house. All the stuff in the basement was her roommates. I just let my attention wander for awhile…

GS: “So…I heard you give great back rubs.” She say,
HB: “I heard you have great pick-up lines.”
GS: “I thought we were beyond that. Besides, I don’t know the first thing about pick up. I just say whatever comes out of my mouth and hope for the best.”

I sit in front of her and she gives me a token back rub. I’m sweaty as shit and I take my shirt off. Act a little shy and she continues until she says, “My turn.” I give her a deep tissue like incredibly amazing back massage and she’s moaning and shit. I whisper the following.

GS: “You have to stop that.”
HB: What?
GS: Making all those sensuous noises.
HB: Why?
GS: Because it’s turning me on too much.
HB: Well, I can’t help it. I’m an expressive person.
GS: Then I really shouldn’t hang out with you…because expressive women make me want to do…incredibly hot and sensuous things.

Then I turn her head slowly and kiss her. She’s all into it. The foreplay is amazing. Lots of massage and I verbalize how I am moving penetrating energy through her. I ask her about her favorite sensuous food and bath vs shower and kissing neck vs biting ears. I HATE having my ears bit and she bit me hard. I stopped her and looked in her eyes and said “don’t ever do that.” She apologizes. She also scratched the fuck out of my neck later on.

I told her the “three rules” to solidify consent and diffuse any last minute resistance. This is how it came last night: “For us to have this and enjoy this together (vague)…you have to accept certain rules… First, this is win/win…for both of us to enjoy… and no one feels like they are being taken advantage of (she smiles). Second, to show proper respect, we must use protection (she shows a face of relief and nods). Finally, you have to realize… that this is not about the act itself, but you want this because you know it will be so intense and so passionate that just thinking about what we’ve shared will leave you grinning and blushing for a week…with erotic memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.” And I kiss her again.

We progress slowly and tease each other. Neither of us had a condom and she actually searches all over this room. “What self-respecting aids activist doesn’t have condoms?” she remarks about the roommate. She says, “We can either not do this, or we can be those shady people that come into the convenience store at 1AM just to buy condoms.” I say, “It’s cool. We’ve both shown amazing restraint tonight.” And I start to get dressed. She looks disappointed and I remind her that she has to work early and I ask her to take me to my car in Ballston.

Reluctantly, she gets dressed and we head off. We take the long-ass loop of 495 over to 66 and reach the van at Harris Teeters. It’s like 1:30 and luckily no tow, boot, or ticket. On the drive, we talked mostly about music and concerts, and I rubbed her thighs once in a while to keep buying temperature high. When we get to my van…

GS: “I want you to do me a favor”
HB: “OK…within reason.”
GS: I take $1 out of my pocket and say, “Go get me a gallon of spring water--house brand.”
HB; “Huh? Come with me.”
GS: “There’s something I want to show you, but I have to fix something first. Go get some water…”
HB: “Oh, you want me to leave…” (she smiles)
GS: “Yep. Remember the Transformers? (she nods) My van is a Transformer; it will look completely different when you get back…”

I give her a kiss and send her into the store. I move shit around in the van and fix up the cushions and pillows. I run in and have time to piss and we check out with the gallon of water together. I say, “Okay, you’re not going to believe this!” and I open the door and jump in. She follows and I say, “Pretty cozy huh?” She agrees.

So it doesn’t take long before were having passionate *protected* sex in the grocery store parking lot. She tests the rigidity of my tool in her mouth before impaling herself for a wild cowgirl ride. A deep dicking in missionary is next. Then I fuck her doggie style with her full ‘n’ fleshy funbags flopping against the van vinyl. We ride the wave of lust until we are both sweaty and satisfied and the windows are covered with a dense film. She tells me how incredible and amazing and lovely and unexpected the evening was. GoneSavage

Note—Some of the phraseology in that last part I borrowed from a porno mag. :)
Note—The next day, when I returned to Georgetown, my bike had been stolen. :(