Tuesday, April 26, 2005

LR: Orlando: If This Van's a Rockin'

This LR is from the first day I hit Orlando. The logistics of getting to a public computer during hours delayed me writing it up. As such, I probably lost a lot of the details. My LRs are written mostly as personal documents. Maybe that mindset will change as I implement more technique and can better convey something transferable.

Some keys:
--being funny, playful, spontaneous, cocky
--using situational openers
--pacing and leading
--just fucking going for it
--overcuming LMR
--settling for a 7 (hahahah!)
-- etc, etc

I was having a fun, high-energy day. This was the Tuesday, right after the Saturday bookstore-girl. I had about ten interactions, a couple of which I’m *sure* I could have number closed. But I was on this SDL (same day lay) quest and I wasn’t # closing. (Silly, since I ended up staying in Orlando for a week and probably could have followed up--or at least tried--thus strengthening my phone game.)

Anyway, I like to make a distinction between a SDL and an ONS. I think the difference is intention. Like, I want to meet a girl and bed her that day. That is my intention. It’s about timing, logistics, and escalating quickly. However, if I like her enough and want her companionship and intimacy again in the future, it won’t be an ONS. Like our instadate that led to an SDL will generate a post-lay Day2 in which I can do laundry and cook or we can go somewhere cool. If your INTENTION is to fuck and dump, you are seeking an ONS. This is about timing as well, because it may take more than one day to get that single fuck.

Anyway, this SDL was also an ONS – mostly because of the extreme amount of LMR that she gave me. Fuck acronyms and fuck my distinctions. I only do it for the KJs.

Anyway I was in this huge warehouse-style “Pottery” and décor place, on the prowl. I opened four women in this store (actually more counting small bits of conversation). I was kind of cycling among them. (Just found out that some call this “running short sets.”)

I was in a playful state and basically I was just teasing these women about what they were looking at or what was in their shopping carts. Asking them questions and misinterpreting their answers. Being fun and funny and spontaneous. Being me (when I’m in that one of my 27 personalities.)

These were actual openers in the store:

**“I saw you looking at frying pans for like half an hour. Which one did you decide on? I hope its quality because selecting a frying pan is like a woman’s third most important decision in her life…”

**”You must live in a dorm room. Only someone living in a dorm would put one of those silly poster-prints on their wall…”

**What the heck is that metal rack for? What would you do with that? Where would you put it?”
So with HBFryingPan, she told me about the one she picked out and this little piece that elevates it and holds it over the stove or some shit. I said, “No this is a hat. (And I put it on my head.) No, it’s one of those things you put around your dog’s neck to keep it from licking itself. (And I like tried to stretch my tongue back to my ass). She’s laughing. I say, “Make sure you wash that after it’s been on my greasy head.” And walk off. I come back with “I guess you are quite a cook. What’s for dinner…” type shit.

HBDormPoster, started qualifying herself saying that she was going to put the print in her bathroom, she really liked it, and she didn’t live in a dorm, etc. I said, “Well I think its kinda tacky, but it is your bathroom. Not everyone can afford fine art in their bathroom.” She’s laughing. I made fun of something else in her cart and walked off. I came back with “I still haven’t found a rich girl. What do you do?” type shit.

HBKinkyMetalRack says she was going to hang this thing in her bedroom. It’s some kind of coat rack. I’m like, “Ohhhhh, kinky huh!?! I know what’s up. You’re going to hang all your whips and chains and handcuffs from this. You probably have mirrors on your ceiling, huh?” She’s laughing. I say, “You’re naughty. I can’t talk to you…” and walk off. I come back with “There’s this trunk over here that you’d like. You can put all your sensual massage oils and uh… 'toys' inside it. Check it out…” type shit.

So I would just cycle thtrough the store and come through with ridiculous stuff that I had found….like African masks, rug beaters, stupid statues, and a huge roll of carpet. The carpet one was funny cause I would act like they weren’t in the isle and then I’d turn and let the carpet hit them. Each time I’d come back and say stupid funny shit AND ask small-talk rapport questions about where they work and shit.

Anyway, these women were all sevens. HBKinkyMetalRack was in her thirties and the res in their twenties. But there was another girl that led to the lay...

I’m so fucking bored writing this. Time consuming. And I haven’t even introduced the lucky girl! That’s it, I quit, no LR, just a FR, this sucks, I’m out, time to go PU. Bye.

The LR girl, let’s call her HBCandle, I opened like this:

GS: “Hey….don’t you recognize me.”
HB: Blank stare. “No.”
GS: “Well, didn’t you just walk down that isle?” (pointing)
HB: “Yeah…”
GS: “Well, then you should recognize me. Surely you recognize me! Are you kidding? Check this out. Come over here.”

I lead her back down the isle and say:
“Look at this! This is ridiculous! Can you believe this! Look at all these pictures of ME! This is incredible! How did they get these?”

She’s like OMG what a dork. Smiling. (For the dense KJs, it was an isle of mirrors.)

I keep it up like…

"Shouldn’t I be getting paid for these? Where is my royalty check? Where is my kickback? Isn’t there some copyright issue? How much money are they making off of my image????”

“Ohhhh…look at this one. This is a good picture. (strike a silly pose)…this is a good looking kid. This is my super-seductive sly glance. This is my surprise-candid-caught-unaware shot.” (I'm moving up and down the isle making stupid faces and giving them names.)

“You should get one of these. This one is a steal. Only $25.” And I put it in her buggy and leave to cycle the other chicks in this place.

Anyway, I came back with more stupid shit that I found. Made fun of shit in her shopping cart. Asked her rapport questions. Misinterpreted answers, teased her, asked stupid shit. Cycled again. Decided this would be the best target of the four HBs. (I think one had already left.) Lots of cocky and stupid and spontaneous shit and bits of rapport thrown in. Had her laughing and asking me questions and all that IOI shit.

I said, “Let’s find one of those big crates of pillows and jump in!” (I did--and broke the wooden bottom of the container. Fat ass. She didn’t jump.) I had her push me full speed on the front of the cart. We went around asking people what some device was that we found. Playful stupid shit. I’m also asking where she lives and if she can cook and what she can cook and stuff like that. I’m hanging with her like we came in together. Of course I tell her I AM ON A ROADTRIP and I had just arrived and I was looking for something cool to do or someone who could point me to something cool. I teased her about her city being lame at first glance. She started talking about actually being from somewhere else, etc. We talked about stuff in the city like the attractions and theme-parks.

GS: “Where are we going to go next? Have you eaten?”
HB: “I have to go to class in half an hour.”
GS: “Where at?”
HB: blah blah
GS: “What are you studying”
HB: fluff
GS: “Hey, at your college, is there like a computer lab or a library with computers?”
HB: "Yeah."
GS: “Do you think I could go there and get online? I have all these emails I need to write.”
HB: "Sure."

She goes to check out, buying some lame shit. I flirt with the girls over at Customer Service. It’s raining really hard. After the target checks out, I say, “Here, I’ll hold your stuff so it doesn’t get wet and you can go pull your car up to the front.” This makes little sense, but I am assuming the sale; like assuming that I am going somewhere with her.

She gets her truck, I stay completely dry (by now she is probably SOAKED all over), and I hop in and say “guess which car is mine.” She guessed my van, and I say, “well, drive me over there!” We sit in her truck, next to my van and talk about the CDs that I found in her car and my trip, etc. I tell her to burn me a mix of her favorite songs and she says OK. She reminds me of the class she has to go to.

I lean in and kiss her. Nothing tricky, just moved in slowly and kissed. Slow, passionate, open-mouthed kinda kiss.

Oh yeah, now she’s like, “I just kissed you and I don’t even know your name!” I say “I’ll tell you if you let me look in your purse. Just a peek, I’m not going to steal anything.” OK. I tell her my name. I open this up and there’s like six condoms (good sign) and I look in her wallet and get her name off her license. So now I use it without ever asking. Not a trick, or a power trip, of even solid game. Just stupid shit that I do. I don’t mention the obvious condoms, but tease her about other shit. Like makeup or a photo. I get her to put lotion on my hands; lubricated reverse-kino. Chicks always have lotion in their purse.

Anyway. She’s got to go and I say “I’ll follow you.” OK. Anyway, the college was a lot further away than she led me to think. And I made her extra late because I was driving so slow behind her so she had to go slow not to lose me. And it was pouring. This was a class at like 6:30 in the evening, BTW.

We park. She shows me the library and her class is in the same building. I’m set. I never asked how long the class was, so I was surprised by the time two hours had passed.

I even thought that maybe she lost buying temperature and dipped out on me. I went to the parking lot to make sure her truck was still there. Cool. It’s ON!

So, GoneSavage, why did you insist on following her, instead of just riding with her since you were already in her vehicle?

Good question, my aspiring PUA. LOGISTICS. I had already found out that she lived with her parents. (Post lay—found out she was nineteen.) SO…I NEEDED MY VAN AS THE CLOSING VENUE! (In retrospect, I probably could have considered an EMTY ROOM at the college.) But the van would do nicely, so when I went out to make sure her truck was still there, I tidied up the van. Threw out the used condoms and porno mags. Just kidding.

It’s still pouring outside. I’m on the computer. Finally she returns. I ask about the class. She actually missed a QUIZ because she was late, so I actually apologized on that one. Though not really my fault by any means. She said it was OK and rationalized that he would drop the lowest grade or something like that. It’s ON! So we head out, talking and laughing. It’s of course dark and still raining. I say something like, “I think that rain is so sensual…I love when I travel and I can hear the rain on the rooftop. It’s like being so close to nature; the elements. Like you’re right inside the rainstorm-storm.”

I slide the door, hop in, and then say, “Hop in.” Slightest hesitation, but she comes in. We talk about the rain, her classes, school, passions, blah blah blah. I’m holding her. It’s moderately comfortable in there. The rain does soud cool. I escalate and get LMR.

Like a shitload of LMR. Like *paused* thirty times. Some ridiculous number like that. Pause. One step back. Two Forward. Pause. Freeze-Out. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Over and over. Finally got her naked. She had a huge “wave” tattoo around her mound. And both nipples were pierced. Both naked. I put on a condom while I ate her out. She was aware. Pause. Stop. The LMR was almost entirely physical. Like no verbalizing –“I can’t” “We just met” “Not yet” or anything like that.

It was raining and very steamy in the van. Although I have tinted windows, we were both aware of the security-guard with his stupid blinking-light that kept roving around us. Ours were the only vehicles left in the lot. I was seriously ready to jus say, “Fuck it. This chick is not worth the amount of LMR.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what the issue was. She wasn’t verbal, and I didn’t want to go verbal and logical and ASK her what the issue was. I stopped pursuing and started looking for something.

HB: “What are you doing?”
GS: “I’m looking for a Sharpie. Look over there.”
HB: “What? Why?”
GS: “Here we go. I’m writing my email address down to make sure that you stay in contact with me. This is my email address, repeat it.”

And I wrote my email REALLY BIG IN SHARPIE ON HER LEG. She laughed.

I tried one more time and was in! I had to keep looking out the window for this security guard circling the parking lot. Like I couldn’t fuck her hard when this idiot was near because the van would shake in an obvious way. Maybe he knew what was going on. Who knows? But that was cool—in the van, in the rain, in the parking lot of her college, with this security-voyeur thing.

But the amount of time combating last minute resistance was LONGER that the time of the pick-up plus the sex added together! We drove off while the security dude was on the other side of the lot. He actually stopped away from us for awhile. We joked that he was jerking off. We drove up the road to a 24 hour restaurant and had a meal together. She emailed me saying she had a “wonderful time.” Love life, GoneSavage

Sunday, April 24, 2005

LR: Florida: Banging a Bookstore Babe

4/23. It's very interesting that the things I took the time to clarify and write down for myself yesterday (in journal-not posted), manifested the very next day. Specifically the fact that I wanted to connect with a woman for intimacy and then treat her to my companionship in a park or natural setting. Life is great.

This post details a rewarding SDL (same day lay) that made use of the following:
--relaxed and relished certainty of all desired outcomes
--demonstrating high value, verbalizing low value
--situational opening, using spontaneous situational props
--being cocky and funny, teasing
--genuine rapport, sharing, and comfort building
--being honest and upfront about the road-trip
--venue changing
--avoiding LMR
--etc, etc

After a full Saturday of retail PU (specialty stores, department stores, grocery stores, streets and parking lots, everything but a 'mall'), I was stoked and ready for college-town-Saturday-night-life.

Being homeless, I have to go to public bathrooms to do stuff like wash my face, shave, fix my hair, etc etc. It was already after 10pm, and about the only thing open with a semi-private somewhat-clean bathroom was a large chain retail bookstore. So I roll into the bathroom, shit, and clean up a bit. I was going to go back to the van and change from a t-shirt to one with buttons and a collar before I hit the town. But I didn't get that chance.

I come out and wonder what kind of girl would be in a bookstore on a Saturday night. And there she was. Cute, big dark eyes, dark hair, about 5-4, solid 7.5. Of course she's in the self-help section. It's ON!

I've done about fifty or so high-energy approaches today. With mixed results; but mostly positive in some way. Put in like nine hours, and was feeling good, but READY for nightlife. I had about five SOLID interactions that were so ON they really deserve their own post.

So here's this cutie. I roll up standing right across from her on the other side of the book shelf. Only our eyes and the tops of our heads can be seen to one another. Nowadays, I usually just say the first thing that comes to my head, like something fun/funny/imaginitive that is situational or a mild compliment.

So I just say, "Hey....Why are you in the self-help section? Are you as messed-up as me?"

Sounds corney -- and it is. But I have a sly smile and I deliver it slowly and deliberately and directly and squint my eyelids and smile really big at the end.

She gives me a bright-eyed stare, drops her jaw, smiles, and finally says, "I can't believe you said that!" I maintain EC and keep smiling until I soak in this whole reaction. Immediately, she starts rationalizing and saying, "I don't need help! I just...Uh...I don't hang out in bookstores on Saturday night!' Etc, etc. By now I walk to her side of the shelf and I pick up a book near her, read the title aloud and picked a page a read a passage outloud. I say, "Uh, boring...good luck." I smile at her and walk off, one isle away to "Sexuality."

She doen't follow but she's one isle away and I pick up this sex book with great nude photos and I open it up and hold it over the shelf at her and say, "Look at this smut, can you believe they sell this stuff here?" I put that one down and picked up a different one and look all interested and I say, "People keep telling me about sex. I figured I should try it. I have no idea where to begin. I hope its something you can do by yourself. WTF, all these pictures have two people. So sad... " No EC with her, just looking at the book, like I'm a super-clueless virgin. I look over the bookshelf at her and say, "This self-help stuff is no good, meet me over in Travel."

I head over and I think she came a bit closer and I say, "Where would you go if money weren't an issue." She says Austraulia. She's in the section with me now. I say cool and start looking for a book. She has some more laughs when I keep looking in the wrong sections. She's like, "No, that's Europe." "No, that's Latin America." I pick up an Australia book and I flip through it and say, "No pictures... I really can't read very well." And I put it back. Actually, at this point, I lay off the direct EC and direct BL. She's chasing.

I asked her the furthest she's been from home. She starts naming all these places...Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, etc, etc.

GS: Well, have you ever been to [park in town]?
HB: No.
GS: Are you kidding? It's like ten miles away. It's SO cool! I can't understand people who travel all over searching, when there's beautiful and amazing things right in front of them! (This is a bit of a challenge). So how can you afford to go to all these places anyway?
HB: Well, most people would say I am a spoiled brat.
GS: But YOU would say....
HB: I would just say I'm not independently wealthy.
GS: So you are DE-pendently wealthy, in other words...a spoiled brat!
GS: At lest now we know, when we go out, who'll be paying... your parents!
HB: [laughs]

Then we began CONNECTING by actually talking about our travels. I talked about my trips out west and hikes through the desert and national parks and she talked about the Carribean and beaches, etc. I use descriptive languaging and allude to my adventurous, spontaneous, and exciting life. I introduce that I am currently on a road trip and we talk about things to see in different parts of Florida. Found out she is 20 and what she studies in school. I asked her about her hobbies and if she can cook. Found out she has her own place.

HB: So how long are you in town?
GS: Just the weekend, I was about to go downtown and see what kind of adventure I might find.
HB: Oh, so why are you in here?
GS: Honestly...I had to take a shit and it's the only place open. Then I saw you looking for some self-help so I decided to help myself. Just kidding.
HB: You're so bad! Do you always come to bookstores to meet women?
GS: I wish I knew how to meet women! I'm terribly shy.
HB: Yeah you strike me as being really shy!

Finally, she asked my name and I said I would tell her if I could glance in her purse. I told her I didn't want to rummage through it just have a peek. She quickly looked through it herself then said okay. She kept her wallet and some little notebook. Absolutely nothing interesting. But as I was looking in her purse, she started looking in her wallet. "Oh look, I have a gift certificate for a free pizza at X...." She said it in a low tone, as if speaking only to herself.

So, I tease her again about being in the bookstore on a Saturday night and she teases in turn. I walk her back to the Self-Help section and I grab a couple books. Ironically, in the first book, upon the page I opened to, it was advising that to get over a break-up or something, you should take yourself on a date. It was really funny because it said to go to a bookstore or cafe or the beach alone. I teased her about doing this stuff because it all seemed to be describing her or the stuff she talked about. Then, it advised going out to eat somewhere nice by yourself and writing yourself a thank-you note and sending yourself flowers the next day. We CONNECTED by both making fun of how terribly lame you would have to be to follow this advice. Of course, I DO send myself flowers often and I write myself a thank-you note every time I masturbate.

I said, "Hey let's go sit down." The other book I grabbed sealed the deal. This shit was so funny. I picked up How to Succeed With Women by Ron Lewis and David Copeland. I was reading her some of the advice. She had something clever to say about each entry. My favorite was this list of things to do before a date. It was a huge list of shit like: shower, brush teeth, clean car, prepare questions, etc, etc. I'm reading it like...didn't do that, didn't do that, definitely didn't do that. It was really funny because I had actually NOT done any of that stuff. Especially all the hygeine/appearance stuff. I really should go back and copy down the list.

We were also reading the stuff to do on the date like "looking in her eyes a little too long" and complimenting her. So I did these things in really misconstrude ways. The book is like "touch her three times." And I'm like, I guess they mean like this...and I pinch her or squeeze her of something. Maybe they mean...and I do some other barely-intrusive kino. If it said to ask her something like, what's romantic for you, I would just read the question and then turn to her and ask her. Good times. We had some genuine CONNECTION when we read advice like carrying a hand-puppet to get the attention of women, etc. WFT, right? Anyway the book was a great spontaneous way to help us connect. I know it sounds like I had her from the start, but as we sat there looking at this book, making fun of the advice, and still trying it out, her physiology and demeanor completely opened up. Thank you Ron and David.

We had been in the store about 45 minutes and they were announcing the 15-minutes-till-closing. I pulled the trump card I had been saving, "Let's go get that pizza." We walk outside and I ask where she is parked, to indicate that she'd drive. While we are at her car she's says, how do I know your're not a serial killer? I say, how do I know you're not? As she drives, we just talk a bit about the city and music, and my trip.

By the time we get to the restaraunt, it's eleven. I say they look closed. Are you sure? They definiely look closed. Let's cook something. Ok. It's really late for dinner. I'm actually thinking that maybe we'll get the food to cook and just cook it the next day. We decide on stir-fry. She buys the stuff. Good times.

Here's another VLV/DHV thing for me. I like to qualify girls to see if they can/will/like to cook. Because I cannot. Then, after they buy the food, I end up cooking. And I describe what I am doing like I'm some kind of chef. I really am killer in the kitchen. At least with a microwave.

So I cook, she talks about this music system she hasand gives me a tour of the house. Relaxed and relished certainty. I never even went for the kiss. Kino was like really minimal. Honestly, I'm really just excited to be having a real meal on a plate with some silver ware. And I cooked it. Hell yeah, life is good.

After we eat and play with her two pups and just talk and bond. I lead her to the bedroom. We kiss. Very nice and passionate. I touch all over outside her clothes her an let the anticipation build. I'm getting no resistence. I suspect I will eventually if I don't make some up. So I freeze myself and say. "We should stop. We're moving to fast." She says OK.

I'm sitting there holding her wondering if I really should. Like what if I feel used in the morning? I don't want her to think I'm a slut, you know? She says, "I want you to stay. I can make you a spot on the couch if you like." I say, "That would be nice. I'm worried about my car. I don't want it to get towed." She says, "I don't think they'll tow it," etc. I say, "How about we go get it, just to be safe, and I follow you back here." So we get my car.

When we got back, we found ourselves in bed and it was amazing. Very passionate and hot. Incredible.

Email she sent when we parted:

You just left and I spent an hour on the porch, waiting to see your headlights...drinking a glass of Kool-aid, thinking about how romantic and cheesy this all seems. I feel like I'm in a parallel universe where strange little fairy tales do come true. When you first walked up to me and started talking, I felt as if we were old friends who walked away for a moment and then started a conversation as if we had only been apart for seconds. Being with you comes so easy to me. If you had come back I feel as if I would have grabbed a bag, thrown what I needed in it and left with you, so I'm kind of glad you didn't and more kind of not. Things are strange here without you. I miss you already, it sounds so strange to think we only have known each other two days. Well, email whenever you can. I just want you to know how truly special you are to me. Be safe. I hope we will see each other again, I really do.

Friday, April 22, 2005

My Mom Says I'm a Great Catch! (I Play With Bugs)

I’m at this state park near Gainesville, FL. Absolutely no one is here. I’m just sitting here feeling the breeze and the sun-rays and listening to the birds and insects and smelling the earth and the vegetation. It’s beautiful. There’s a brightly colored damselfly inches from me. It is stealthily waiting for its prey; yet the unmoving insect keeps catching my attention instead. I walked a short trail earlier. In one small hike I encountered copperheads, alligators, hawks, deer, and wild turkey. I enjoy watching wildlife.

But here I sit examining myself and my “game.”

And I wonder. I mean, really I struggle to understand, why do I like isolation? Why am I so fiercely independent? Why am I such a drifter? And if I must get all introspective, why can’t I, say, go to a mall or a bookstore or a library and write this stuff? Around people…

A huge read-headed woodpecker just darted though the woods and perched on a tree not far from where I am sitting now. To me, that is pretty cool. I sat down to think and write about my sticking points. The place I chose to do this thinking might reveal another.

Nature is cool. Wildlife is awesome. I’m drawn to the various distinct environments around us. There’s so much to see and experience.

I was reading about the subtle nuances of body language that women can pick up on. Stuff we, as men, are almost never aware – imperceptible, unnoticeable.

It’s like that with me and nature. You can come on a hike or a walkabout with me and I guarantee that I can show you things that you otherwise would never have noticed. Hey, check this out…. And I’d show you something that you’d just stepped over or something outside your normal range of perception. Maybe you’d think it cool, maybe not.

I guess people who are inclined to spend a lot of time outdoors, alone, are their own brand of nerd. Everybody is somebody’s weirdo, right?

I guess it comes down to familiarity and upbringing, environment and cultural influences. I clearly have spent way too much time in parks and nature preserves and not enough time in bars and clubs. Right? I’ve spent way too much time around birds and insects and not enough time around alpha males and hot women. Right?

Ultimately my goal is to integrate my love for women and seduction with my love of travel, nature, and adventure. It’s all related. It’s all about passion. The ideal tour would allow me to meet women for companionship, connection, and intimacy. Together we will explore and experience “nature” in all its miraculous forms. I know it can be done.

I know I have a lot to offer. I am adventurous, creative, intense, intelligent, have a romantic nature, a great outlook on life, and I’m exciting to hang with. Plus I am absolutely incredible in bed. These are not affirmations, these are facts!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

FR: Georgia: Pull the Trigger and Ride the Bullet

Kind of a strange turn. I’m doing this PUA roadtrip driving north to Canada, but on a coin toss, I decided to go south first. Heads I head south, tails I soar north. I’m pretty sure I am going to go all the way down to Miami and Key West, then to turn north following the Atlantic all the way to Montreal. So I just drove Atlanta to Valdosta,GA. All interstate travel. South Georgia is known for peaches, pecans, peanuts, cotton, sweet onions, and fruitcakes. I passed the World’s Largest Peanut, the state Cotton Museum, the Crime and Punishment Museum, and a “VIP Spa/Flea Market.”

Destination: Valdosta State University.

Spent the day doing campus PU. This is my first day doing such in years. My own campus was a prime ground in my pre-LTR days, and I believe I can make campuses in general a hotbed of the PUA tour. College campuses are everywhere and hotties are all over them. But I have obvious sticking points and congruity issues, details within.

I did at least 30 approaches and got 10 phone numbers in about 4 hours. This counts many instances where the opener was non-responsive or the PU soured and I did not pursue the number. There were six instances where I pursued, in spite of the “boyfriend,” and could not get the number. Four of the number I got, the girls declared they had BFs. I’ll detail specific openers, closes, and sticking points.

I was specifically doing number closes for practice as I am re-entering the game. I wanted to asses my skill and confidence levels. I will get back to the level of same day closes, but I am certainly not there yet. I believe that playing a strict numbers game as I did seems a bit needy and validation-seeking. Maybe I am not completely comfortable with being on campus for no other reason than PU and using the internet. Anyway, I did not *sense* an opportunity to carry anything further in the same day, but I didn’t structure it that way either. This was first-day practice. And it was a hell of a lot of fun. My energy was high all day. Even as I write this, I’m still smiling. Also, my face is sun burnt to a point of slight pain. ;)

Nearly all approaches were outdoors. If I had a basic opener, it was “Hey…there’s something about your look that intrigues me, and I couldn’t let you walk past without meeting me.” Or “….without introducing yourself.” In a few instances, I added this softener after the, “Hey”: “I know this is awkward, but...” Usually I only said this if they looked noticeably stunned or weirded-out. Usually they went ahead and told me their name and I reciprocated. A couple times, I said my name first. A couple times I did not offer my name at all. If I did not, it was mostly because it didn’t strike me to (convo was underway), not because I am following some rule.

Next I just asked, “Are you single?” or “Is single?” Rarely did I get a straight “yes.” Two girls that said yes, I busted on for being so forward and not having a BF and asked them if they were man-haters or emotionally unstable or something. Haven’t decided if this is solid game, but I got the numbers. Anyway, usually you get a drawn out “no” to the single question. Sometimes a “well I just started seeing someone” or “I’m kinda seeing someone.” To me, these are Yeses.

Whatever the response, I tried to sense if they were hurried and I asked a few small talk/rapport questions. What are you studying/what class are you waiting for/where are you from? My basic close was, “Listen, I don’t know how open or adventurous you are, but if you give me your number, I’ll call you and we can get together.” While writing, I usually said something like, “This is just going to be something low pressure, like getting coffee, because I don’t know how weird you are.”

As I felt more into the approaches, I started doing more spontaneous openers. Including shooting a rubber band at girls and once I hit a chick’s butt with my journal. I don’t know if this is solid game, but I got the numbers.

I led a number close today in the library by opening with, “You must have bad taste in men, or you must be really shy, I’ve been sitting here for five minutes and you haven’t come talk to me.” She actually apologized and told me how focused she was on studying.

When I got the “I have a boyfriend” remark, I said a number of things like these. Yes, I usually said all of them, after the previous one did not get a bite. I don’t know if this is solid game, or seemingly desperate, but I got four numbers of girls with BFs. It’s funny and cocky stuff. These lines seem to get laughs and then I pull out a pen and paper. One girl laughed and said, “Well, you earned it.” Of course, you know I’m still going to have flakes, but these are my anti-BF lines:

“I don’t see a ring on your finger, so I guess your options are still open.”
“Good, I won’t feel pressured when we go out since you already have someone for…physical activities.”
“Here’s what we should do…let’s introduce your boyfriend to my girlfriend, so you and I can talk.”
“Listen, you have to ask yourself, is this someone I’m with just because he’s filling a role, or is he fulfilling needs that come from deep within me and deep within the woman I long to be.”
“Hey, well we can still be friends—you know, just friends—and you can introduce me to all your hot friends that are single.”

If the boyfriend complex was too much to give out her number, I politely said something like, “…you know I’d be kicking myself all day if I didn’t talk to you and see if you were someone who could take a chance (or ‘more than just a pretty face.’)” And wished them a good day. One BF-girl expressed that it was “bold” of me to approach her because most guys don’t. One BF-girl said that she was “extremely flattered” that I talked to her. Interesting, but ultimately useless.

Oh yeah, there almost always was a “you sure are cocky/confident” style comment. I’ve said stuff like, “I’m just honest. A pretty face is a dime a dozen on this campus, and I’m really hoping to find someone open, adventurous, and fun.” Or, “Spending time with me is the best possible way you can spend your time. And I can prove it.” ;)

I’m sure I am leaving out a lot, and ultimately when you do these numbers-game experiments, the approaches tend to blend together. Observations and thoughts:

***Nearly every girl I approached was an 8+ on anybody’s scale. There are that many hot girls here. It is kind of overwhelming. The very first girl I talked to was smoking hot and highly receptive. I was hitting 50% earlier in the day. I guess I was getting tired or sloppy. But, I *felt* about the same level of confidence or energy throughout. Maybe it was external. Maybe later in the day, after classes and tests and shit, but still before they can eat and relax, girls are less receptive?

***The girls that I personally found the most attractive (more ‘my type’ I guess) were more responsive (in the sense of giving indicators of interest, giving their number in spite of BF, getting their own paper and pen, etc) than the hot girls that weren’t particularly my type. I think that I probably had body language or tonality that conveyed more interested or I had more genuine rapport or something. Thoughts?

***In order to do this PUA roadtrip, I believe I have to become skilled at same day pick-ups. After all, I will be in a different city every one to five days or so. Of course I will stick around for a day-2 that looks solid, but I obviously need direction to get away from the contact-close numbers-game PU. Today was “game” mentality for me and it was fun and I think it gives you a basic picture of my current skill level. Ideas?

***This goes with the above. I think allowing the *assumption* that I am a student at the college, is not the best way for me to go. Interestingly, I was put in the “Is this some psychology project?” frame twice. I ran with it, like, “yes how perceptive of you. I have to know everything. If you don’t give me the right answers, I’ll never be able to write this paper.” Went nowhere. Like I said, I want to get out of the *student* frame explicitly and early. Suggestions for conveying that I am from out of town and only there for one day/night?

***Cell phones are a bitch. Girls walking between classes are constantly on them. I tried flipping this rubber band and got evil stares. It was surprising though how easily the rubber band opened girls that were not on phones. This is a small chunk silly thing, but any tips on getting her off the phone?

***Other issues that I see in my approaches from today: Generally the PU is really quick. I verbalize a time constraint, but maybe I end things prematurely. I know it’s been suggested to engage a girl for a couple minutes after the number close, I did not do that at all today. I like approaching and generally don’t get anxious over it. I think a lot of what I do is maybe too unstructured or haphazard? Maybe too direct at the same time? Does this make sense? I guess it is an issue of congruence. I’m sure there is a bunch of other stuff that I am not even realizing, but it was my first day out in over three year and I was happy to just take action and get results.

This my first field report and I'm excited about feedback and criticism. Please read my recent PUA Roadtrip posts to get a sense of the unconventional leap that I have taken. I shot the gun and now I'm riding the bullet. GoneSavage

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Great PUA Road-Trip part II

Part II of what’s looking like some kind of Roadside Romeo Manifesto. This post is to provide a little background information and road-trip logistical information.

The great PUA ROAD-TRIP will begin around Atlanta and move north at an undetermined pace through the states of the east coast. I’m looking forward to meeting any PUAs or ASF members that are sensible enough to invite me to hang. Please email me at : gonesavage@yahoo.com and we’ll coordinate the rest by phone.

Back in 2000-01 I was an active PUA and member of the community. I made several posts under the name GoneSavage to Cliff’s amazing seduction list. In that time, David D (Sisonpyh) made his first revelations before he had any kind of guru status. This was around the time Mystery introduced us to Group Theory. Hot stuff. I ate it up and was in the field five or six nights a week. The learning and discovery and transformations were incredible. I was having a blast and I put so many notches on my belt. I had power, I had choice, I had confidence. And I had women. Lots of women.

Then, as things go, I met her. It seems when we really get the hang of it we either go for the LTR, or we start creating products and holding workshops. ;) She became my best friend and it felt natural and wonderful. I can’t convey this. I enjoyed my time with this one woman more than all the time I spent in the game. Either you have been there or you haven’t. About three and a half years. No regret. No mistake.

Anyway, it’s over. I’m back and I’m on the road. Hide your sisters and daughters. GoneSavage, the twenty-six year old Freelance Flirt and Foreplay Gourmet is back in the game.

To get to Montreal on my non-existent budget, I’m auto-camping. My definition of auto-camping is “living in the world, but sleeping in your vehicle.” It’s more comfortable than you’d think. And it allows me to be anywhere. I’m just getting this part of my reality out in the open. So if I tell you I’m staying at the Marriot, I actually mean the parking lot.

Anyway, my next post will be one of ACTION. Drop me an email as the Casanova Caravan may be coming to your town. Atlanta to Montreal, along the Atlantic coast, now till July.

The Great PUA Road-Trip

This very week I pulled some plugs, burned some bridges, and crushed all notions that I had of comfort, certainty, and security.

I just ended a sour three+ year relationship, quit a stale job, then boxed all my belonging and put them in storage.

So here I am loveless, jobless, and homeless. Some would also say “senseless,” but I’m thinking this is all part of the wisest decision I’ve ever made.

I’ve realized that I have not experienced nearly enough variety as far as women, travel, or work. Like many of you, I have not been sufficiently impressed nor realized my potential to simply “accept my lot.” I have no regrets, but I know I have the power to choose and a passion to go out and experience more and exercise that power. I have a lot of living to do.

I need change. I need adventure. I need simplicity. I have a sense of what I want to do and the man I want to become and I’m pursuing it, damn all ridicule. The risk of ridicule is the cost of clarity. I don’t expect clarity to come easily, or quickly, or cheaply. I’m ready and willing to sacrifice, work hard, and struggle.

Further, I’ve made the commitment to begin this journey in a very literal way. An uncomfortable and courageous way… I'm taking a ROAD-TRIP! I’m going to pay my dues, build my skills, and kick-start this transformation on the road.

Specifically, I have committed to attend Cliff’s Seduction Summit in Montreal in mid-July. I will be driving the entire route. THE TRIP STARTS NOW! I’m driving from Georgia to Montreal.

There's a chance for us to meet and share stories. Let’s have genuine conversation, not “interviews.” Here’s an opportunity for a microwave friendship—fast blasts of revelation and bonding. I’m humbled by people who have endured and those who radiate wisdom. I like people who dare to be honest with themselves.

Just look at a map, if you live north of Florida, on the coast, drop me a message at gonesavage@yahoo.com. Like anyone in GA, SC, NC, VA, DC, MD, DE, NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, PA, and NY. We’ll keep in touch and coordinate by phone as I move north.

I’m an ordinary person. I have no resources or traits that give me an uncommon advantage in pursuing a better life. I’m not famous. I’m not rich by any measures. I spent a couple years in the game before my long-term relationship, but I fully acknowledge that my skills could have become stronger. I spent a couple years at a miserable job, but spent the money before I realized what life was all about. No safety net. I’m messy and complicated. I’m real. The only thing special about me is that I decided to say, “Fuck it. Today is the day.”